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About Sifatul Shohan of EasyCleaningTrends.com

My name is Sifatul Shohan and I’m the proud owner of EasyCleaningTrends.com! From my childhood, I was taught a clean & organized space is required for the development of a clean and organized mind.

I grew up with a passion for keeping things clean and organized. As I have an obsession with keeping things clean and tidy, I have tried a lot of cleaning equipment and as I am an engineer I always tried to understand the mechanics of these machines as well.

From what I have seen, many people around me don’t know how to use their washing machine, vacuum cleaner, and other cleaning and washing equipment to their full potential. As I have got a real interest in cleaning and washing for a long time. I have taught myself to clean and wash things around me in more efficient ways. I am still learning new things in this space every single day.

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I love sharing all the tips and tricks that I know on this blog. Keeping my house, car, and surroundings clean gives me positive energy. Read my blog posts and allow me to help you find your bliss as well.
If you have any further queries or need to reach out to me, you can contact me through the site’s contact page.