Can A Vacuum Cleaner Be Used As Blower?

Who hasn’t thought of using a Vacuum Cleaner as a Blower? It will not only save you money but also allow you to multitask with your existing Vacuum Cleaner. But is it actually possible? Can Vacuum Cleaners Be Used As Blowers? Let’s find out!

A Vacuum Cleaner can be used as a blower. However, the vacuum cleaner needs to have some attachments available with it, and some extra tools need to be managed. The good thing is that the latest vacuum cleaners come with a dual facility that can be used as a blower and vacuum cleaner.

You have got nothing to worry about because I will explain the detailed process of converting a vacuum cleaner into a blower in this article. I will also provide various useful information regaining this matter which I have to gather through my research. 

So, without any further ado, let us jump into the article. 

What Is The Difference Between Blower And Vacuum Cleaner?

The easy and simple difference between a Blower and a Vacuum Cleaner is that the Blower throws the air outside, and the latter sucks the outside air. However, both do the job of cleaning materials. 

It was the Echo Company that first invented Blower in 1977, whereas the Vacuum Cleaner was introduced by Hubert Cecil Booth back in 1901. Both are useful cleaning machines and can be great help depending on the purpose. 

Blower cleans by throwing air in order to clean dirt & dust. The force of the air helps the dirt and debris to leave while keeping the place all cleaned up. However, since it can make the other matters dirty, the blower is mostly used for outdoor purposes.

Blowers are mainly powered by electric or gas motors which make the fan operate. The fan creates and emits an air stream which further cleans the area.

However, one drawback of using a Blower is that it can create unbearable noise. So, if you have a problem with noise, you might want to skip using a Blower. 

Unlike a Vacuum Cleaner, a blower does not have storage as it does not store the dirt. Rather all the dirt is blown away, which can make the place dirty. Most people use it in gardening or in an open yard. In case you have allergies, you might also skip using blowers

On the flip side, the vacuum cleaner comes with special sucking power, which enables them to suck all the dust & dirt. That is, all the dirt and debris are attracted toward the Vacuum Cleaner and sucked inside it. 

Inside the Vacuum Cleaner, there is a place where all the dirt is stored in an organized manner, and then you can remove it as per your need. A Vacuum Cleaner uses an electrical motor to run the fan whose main job is to pull the air inside, and when used over a dirty place, it cleans out the dirt. 

As time passed, numerous types of Vacuum Cleaners were invented, and each played a great role in cleaning regular items. Currently, it is the Robot Vacuum Cleaner which is more in the trend as it operates without the assistance of a human. 

How To Use Vacuum Cleaner As Blower?

Some of the latest Vacuum Cleaners come with their own Blower function, which is why you will not need any extra tools. However, you might not find such a facility in all the modern Vacuum Cleaners. 

Let me suggest to you one of the best ones in the market at present for dual functionality is the Vacuum Cleaner by Handheld Vacuum/Blower Cleaner 2 in 1 (amazon link). It can be a good investment as you will not need to spend extra money for Blower and do not need extra space in your home for the Blower. 

The process of turning the vacuum cleaner into a blower:

Step 1 – Disconnect The Vacuum Cleaner From The Electricity

For the purpose of ensuring extreme safety, you will need to turn off the Vacuum Cleaner. This precautional activity will diminish all the chances of electrical damage.

Step 2 – Look For The Vacuum Cleaner’s Manual

Now the important thing you should do is collect the Vacuum Cleaner’s manual. Every product comes with its manual. Remember where you stored it and keep it with you.

Do not worry if you have lost it. Many manufacturing companies publish the product manual on their website. So you can search for it on the internet.

Step 3 – Remove And Disconnect The Motor 

Now locate the access to the motor housing. Mostly the motor housing is placed on the downside of the Vacuum Cleaner. Now look into the manual and find out the process of removing the motor housing. 

Now that the house is down, it is time to disconnect the motor. Make sure to use an adequate amount of time to find the exact process of disconnecting the moto from the manual, as a small mistake can damage the Vacuum Cleaner. 

Step 4 – Separating The Hose

Now you need to remove the hose from its place as you need to insert it into the blowing section. You will see the blowing section labeled perfectly, or you can seek help from the manual. 

Step 5 – Reassemble The Machine 

Now that the hose is inserted into the blowing section, you need to reassemble the motor and the motor housing in its place. 

Now carefully reassemble the machine and then connect it to the electricity. First, try to use the Blower at very low power so that you can check it properly. Once everything seems alright, you can take it to a dirty place and clean the area to your satisfaction level.

However, the Blower section might be missing in many Vacuum Cleaners, especially in the Vacuum Cleaners; old models do not come with the Blower facility. 

As a result, you might need to restructure the Vacuum Cleaner so that you can reuse it as a Blower which can be done by reversing the airflow.

How To Reverse Vacuum Cleaner Airflow?

In order to reverse the Vacuum Cleaner’s airflow, you need to make some basic changes that will help you use the Vacuum Cleaner as a Blower. That is, you will not need an extra Blower. The spending can be saved. 

However, not all Vacuum Cleaners can be used as a Blower. It is only bag vacuums and canister vacuums that can be transferred into a Blower. 

Now that you know exactly which type of Vacuum Cleaner should be converted, you might be wondering, How do you put a vacuum in reverse? Well, you have got nothing to worry about as I will be explaining it all. 

Process of converting a Vacuum Cleaner into a Blower

Step 1 – Gather And Prepare The Tools

There are some specific tools that you will be needing for transferring the Vacuum Cleaner into a Blower. In order to be cautious, you will need to keep them within your reach before starting the overall process. 

Things you will need for the converting process:

  • Duct Tape
  • Vacuum Cleaner’s Manual
  • Bottle
  • Scissor

You might not find the Vacuum Cleaner’s manual, but you can search the one on the internet. There are many manufacturing companies that publish the manual on their website. My suggestion would be to keep it near you before starting the process. 

Step 2 – Turn Off The Vacuum Cleaner

To be extra cautious, you need to turn off the Vacuum Cleaner. It will protect you and your Vacuum Cleaner. Remember, you need to keep the small parts gathered. A Vacuum Cleaner might have several small parts. 

Make sure the Vacuum Cleaner is safe to use. Also, check the cords for any kind of cuts and scratches. 

Step 3 – Prepare The Vacuum Cleaner

Now use the Vacuum Cleaner’s manual to disassemble the Vacuum Cleaner. You will find the hose attached to the bag; you will need to separate them as well.

Remove the bag from the vacuum’s intake hole. Now turn on the vacuum to take all the dirt away from the vacuum tube. You can shake the vacuum or wipe the area with a soft microfiber cloth in order to loosen the attached dirt. 

Now using a duct tape seal, the flexible vacuum tube and secure it perfectly with the intake hole. That is the area where the bin bag was attached. 

Now it is time to decorate the hose so that it fits. So cut a plastic bottle in a manner it helps to attach the hose. You need to cut it in the middle and use the upper portion that is which has the spout and cap. 

You will not need the cap, so you need to open it and, using the duct tape, attach the larger end with the flexible vacuum tube. To secure it, use an adequate amount of duct tape. 

Now you can turn on the Vacuum Cleaner and use the Vacuum Cleaner as Blower. Now the air will blow through the flexible vacuum tube and come out of the attached bottle. 

I would suggest you use the machine by keeping the power at a low level just to make sure it is working smoothly and there remain no chances for accidents. 

Safety Tips For Using A Vacuum Cleaner As A Blower

There are certain things you should follow, like a set of rules while using a Vacuum Cleaner as a Blower. This set of tips will help you minimize any kind of damage from occurring or keep the Vacuum Cleaner safe. 

Special Tip For Safety;

  • Always unplug the Vacuum Cleaner before starting the conversion process. 
  • Make sure the Vacuum Cleaner is working properly and does not have any damage. 
  • Make sure to check the cords for any kind of scratches. 
  • Place the Vacuum Cleaner in a stable and even ground to make the conversion process smoother. 
  • Always strictly follow the manual while assembling or disassembling the Vacuum Cleaner. 
  • After transforming the Vacuum Cleaner into a Blower, first, make sure to use low power to test the Blower. 

Related Questions:

Can I Use A Vacuum Cleaner As Blower To Clean the PC?

You can use a Vacuum Cleaner as a Blower to clean your PC but let me warn you, and it will bring nothing good to the PC. Rather will be the main cause of the damage. Therefore, I would highly recommend not using a Vacuum Cleaner as a Blower to clean your laptop or PC. 

Even the experts will suggest not to use a Vacuum Cleaner as a Blower to clean your PC. The filter size for most vacuums is not very spacious, which might store some dirt from the vacuuming. 

The air might also come from the bin bag of the Vacuum Cleaner, which might make the computer all dirty. The dirt and debris might still come through the filter, which might defect the laptop or computer.

Can I Use A Vacuum Cleaner As An Air Pump?

It is not recommended to use a Vacuum Cleaner as an air pump. It can be dangerous and cause severe damage. However, you can use a vacuum pump as an air pump.

The vacuum pumps will help you push gas or air molecules out of a closed container just by generating a partial or low-pressure vacuum. 

How Do You Use A Vacuum Blower?

The vacuum Blower comes with both facilities, that is, and it can be used as a Vacuum Cleaner and a Blower. It will have separate points (one for vacuum and one for Blower) and attachments for a particular purpose. So, you will need to do it accordingly.

In this section, you will need to strictly follow the user manual because each vacuum Blower comes with a different method of use. If something is done without any assistance from the user manual, it might damage the Vacuum Cleaner. 

Does Philips Vacuum Cleaner Have Blower?

No, Philips Vacuum Cleaner does not have a Blower. However, you will find various types of Vacuum Cleaners produced by Philips. 

Final Thoughts:

A Vacuum Cleaner is a very important appliance for any household. On the other hand, Blower also becomes necessary when it comes to cleaning too much dirt. 

The best part of modern Vacuum Cleaners is they come with dual facilities, which are vacuuming and blowing facilities. You can use these as Blower as well as a Vacuum Cleaner. You will just need to make some minor changes. 

On the other hand, you can use the Vacuum Cleaner and do some structural changes and convert it into a Blower. Nonetheless, not all Vacuum Cleaners can be transformed into a Blower. You will need a bagged vacuum or canister Vacuum Cleaner for this purpose. 

You will have been extremely careful no matter which method you use for converting a Vacuum Cleaner into a Blower. Always turn off the Vacuum Cleaner while making the necessary changes.  

The transformation from a Vacuum Cleaner to a Blower is pretty straightforward, but what you need to do is be extremely cautious and follow the instruction very carefully.

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