Can A Vacuum Cleaner Kill You? (Here’s The Truth)

A vacuum Cleaner is what makes the cleaning procedure easy and fun. It saves a lot of time and can be used to clean all the dry things. But the thing that scares me the most is that vacuum cleaners can cause serious accidents. In spite of being a very straightforward process, people still injure themselves.

But, Can A Vacuum Cleaner Kill You? In my research, there was hardly any report of dying by a vacuum cleaner. However, it can cause serious injury and cause fire incidents. There are reports which indicate a vacuum cleaner can harm your health with the dust, dirt, and bacteria, especially the people with eczema might suffer.  

In this article, you will get to know some informative facts about vacuum cleaners and how they can affect your health. You will further learn about numerous tricks which will keep you safe and make the cleaning process easy. 

Without any further ado, keep on reading to know various beneficial information. Happy Reading. 

Does Vacuum Cleaner Harm The Human Body?

For a long time now, people have been relying on vacuum cleaners. But the sad part is that people are still unaware of the proper way of using a vacuum cleaner. They tend to make silly mistakes that cause severe damage to their health.

Reports suggest people who regularly use vacuum cleaners are prone to attract breathing related problems. It is because vacuum cleaners need to carry the dust, dirt, and numerous microorganisms.  

Some people use the vacuum cleaner uncarefully and invite unwanted accidents. For an instant, if the vacuum cleaner’s hose goes inside your mouth, you might injure your lungs and tear your alveoli and spongy tissue, and might cause severe health problems. 

Reports evident people misuse the vacuum cleaner and injure their body parts. To state an example, there was an incident where a case of penis injury was reported. Yes, you read it right. 

The report mentioned the injury occurred while a vacuum cleaner was used for masturbation. It caused skin lesions and urethral lacerations. [source]

In 2012, there was an incident where a fire broke out in a U.S. nuclear submarine. Later it was discovered that it was the vacuum cleaner that caused the fire. [source]

There are reports that indicate vacuum cleaners can be dangerous to use for both residential and commercial purposes. Then again, continuous use of the vacuum cleaner can heat up the motor and end up setting it on fire. 

People with breathing problems and asthma should avoid using a vacuum cleaner. Moreover, take necessary safety steps before vacuuming. 

Can You Use a Vacuum Cleaner As a Fire Extinguisher?

You need to be prepared beforehand in any emergency situation, like a fire breakout. But unfortunately, the incident might occur unexpectedly. And immediate action will be required. You might need to use whatever you find with your bare eyes. 

On the flip side, researchers now have developed a new idea of fire extinguishing, which is known as the Vacuum Extinguish Method (VEM). It is based on the conventional fire extinguishing process’s reverse operation. 

It comes in handy to suck the combustion products, along with the fire source and flame inside a vacuum chamber to clean up the area. 

In such a situation, let me tell you that you cannot use a vacuum cleaner as a fire extinguisher. But if you are wondering, if I could use the vacuum cleaner to clean up the fires? 

To be honest, you can safely clean the powder or fries. But it would be best if you remembered they need to be completely dry.

There are people who have tried to clean the fires while they were wet and caused serious problems. You should take some precautionary steps before vacuuming like, wearing safety goggles and putting on a mask & gloves. 

Can You Breathe Inside A Vacuum Cleaner?

As you know, the vacuum cleaner is used to clean the dry dust, and they are also stored as dry waste inside the vacuum bag. The main part is that they carry a lot of dust, dirt, and microorganisms like bacteria.

If you try to breathe inside the vacuum cleaner, you need to know the consequences. Once you breathe inside the vacuum cleaner, you will realize that all the polluted air is inside your respiratory system.  

Many researchers have claimed that when a person breathes inside the vacuum cleaner, the person is prone to attract infections and allergies. Moreover, they initiate numerous respiratory problems. 

What Happens If You Put A Vacuum To Your Nose?

Well, to be honest, you should not put a vacuum on your nose. Why? Let me tell you. Once you put your nose in the vacuum, it might suck the dirt, dust, and the bacteria attached to it. Moreover, there are chances that it might injure your lungs. 

A vacuum cleaner is a useful thing and can solve many problems. But putting them inside will not work as a solution for anything; rather, you might seriously injure your lungs and damage the alveoli, spongy tissue. 

As you know, the lungs are responsible for blood gas exchange, so they might attract unwanted particles and organisms, creating problems for your health. Furthermore, people with asthmatic problems might have to suffer more in such a situation. 

People might die out of suffocation which is why proper measures should always be taken immediately. 

Can A Vacuum Collapse A Lung?

Vacuum aspiration techniques might give rise to the collapse of a healthy lung. But before telling you about it, let me explain what a collapsed lung is? 

Well, a collapsed lung is when air gets inside the chest cavity and creates pressure against the lung. It is commonly known as Pneumothorax.

The vacuum cleaner can suck up all the air from the lungs and create unnecessary pressure against the lungs. Well, this does not happen to anybody. It is the child who will have the tendency to collapse lungs with a vacuum. 

The level of injury here depends on the overall strength of the vacuum cleaner and how it is sealed with the mouth and nose. If the injury is serious, you might need to take some time off and intake a good amount of oxygen and take rest until full recovery. 

What Happens If You Put A Vacuum To Your Ear?

There are incidents where it was claimed that people tried to vacuum inside of the ears just to clean the wax. Let me tell you, and this is not a good idea. 

Vacuuming the ears will tear your tissue to some extent. The tissue tearing might occur in the canal or in the eardrums themselves. 

Not to mention, there is a technique where ear vacuuming is used to remove the excess ear wax. But without professional help, you might bring nothing good out of it rather than cause severe damage.

In this developed era, people seek professional help to clean up all the ear wax where micro-suction machinery is used to clean the ear. 

Things You Should Be Careful Of While Vacuuming

Vacuuming is a pretty straightforward process, and you will most certainly enjoy cleaning the room with a vacuum cleaner. Nonetheless, you avoid certain things while vacuuming, and there are a few things that might help you with the cleaning process.

Check out the list of tips relating to vacuuming:

  1. Avoid being lazy and sucking up small hard things like coins, stones, etc. Just pick them up and keep them aside.
  2. Never vacuum liquids, not even a little portion.
  3. Clean the vacuum after a certain time so that you do not have to use the vacuum cleaner, which is overfilled.
  4. Give the vacuum cleaner some rest in between, as heating up the vacuum cleaner will not be a good idea.
  5. Do not let any kind of blockages take place inside the hose or brush.  

Final Thoughts

Vacuum Cleaners surely make our life easier, but there is a time when some small mistake turns into a disaster. People sometimes try to be creative with the vacuum cleaner and put it in different places of the body, which causes damage to the body part.

However, you should not be worried about accidents caused by vacuum cleaners. All you need to do is be careful at the time of using the vacuum cleaner. 

There are hardly any reports of vacuum cleaners killing people, but you will find various incidents where people got seriously injured because of the vacuum cleaner. 

Sifatul Shohan

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