Can Automatic Car Wash Damage Transmission?

You should have enough concern about cleaning or washing your car. However, you can clean the car on your own or can hire a professional. Similarly, you may have heard the name of the automatic car wash. Nonetheless, the question is: can automatic car wash damage the transmission?

The automatic car wash does not damage the transmission. However, transmission damage occurs when there is any leakage to the car transmission or external source. For example, extreme water pressure can find its way to the transmission system if there is any leakage but it’s highly unlikely.

Therefore, we have much more to discuss regarding the automatic car wash. However, at the end of the day, you need to make a precise decision whether to go with the automatic car wash or not. 

Stay with us and explore facts regarding the automatic car wash. 

How Does Automatic Car Wash Work?

The automatic car wash uses automation to wash any car. This type of car washing is one of the most advanced forms of car washing around the world. 

If you want to wash your car with the help of an automatic car wash, you need to drive your vehicle through a particular area where there is a wash bay. Once you have positioned your car. You need to put your car in neutral position and that’s it. 

First, the automotive system will spray a jet of water to remove additional dirt from your car’s surface.

Then, it applies the shampoo solution with the water pressure, so the car looks pretty shiny. Besides, a few additional cleaning elements are used in an automatic car wash. Once the shampoo is applied, the car is washed with clean water to remove any traces of soap and shampoo.

The last step is to apply the wax to the car. In this process, the automated machine sprays wax through a low-pressure system and scribbles the car genty to gain maximum shine. 

Do Automatic Car Washes Cause Damage?

Yes, the fact is that automatic car washes can cause damage to your car if the task is not done perfectly.  That’s why people with expertise in car cleaning suggest people be pretty careful regarding automatic car wash. 

Now, let’s know what damage you may have because of the automatic car wash. 

  • Damaged Color Coat

You have read it right. In some cases, the automatic car wash can damage your car’s color coat, and you may never want this to happen. 

Nevertheless, you may not notice the scratches or damage from naked eyes. But if you look closely at the area beside the wheel, you will see some little sand and dust stuck on the car’s coat. 

If the automotive brushes used in the automatic car wash are hardly changed, the problem of scratches occurs.  This means that if the brushes are used to clean a dirty car and then are used again to wash another vehicle, it causes unwanted dust to stay on the car.

Besides, the extreme hydrofluoric acid used in this type of car washing method also may damage your car coat. So, avoiding the service provider or shop that uses abrasive brushes will be better.

Most automatic car wash uses pretty expensive machinery that is very costly to change or replace; so, while an automatic car wash is washing hundreds of car per day, it’s safe to say the brushes catch a lot of small rocks that might leave swirl marks to your vehicle.

  • Faulty Car Transmission

If you want a good transmission system, the car needs all the crucial parts to function correctly. But unfortunately, the automatic wash malfunctions parts like breaks, clutches, gears, and stuff if water goes into them. 

Sometimes, you will find excess water flow in the automatic car wash system. The water can run into the transmission system, and thus it can also cause the transmission issue of your car. So, you should talk with the automatic car wash service properly if there are any issues like this.

Besides, if soap or shampoo remains under the car’s hood, it may cause engine and transmission problems. 

Can Water Enter into The Car Transmission System?

All automatic car wash uses normal water pressure to wash the car which does not cause damage to the car. However, as the water comes out from different directions it might end up reaching under the car bonnet.

If your car hood isn’t closed properly the water can enter the engine bay and the radiator system. More importantly, if there is any leakage in the transmission system can cause issues.

Although it’s highly unlikely to have transmission leakage to your car or water entering the system. Most of the time water enters the transmission system when your car is stuck in a flooded area or a leakage that causes transmission fluid and coolant to mix with each other.

What Do You Need to Do in an Automatic Car Wash?

If you are clever and concerned about automatic car washing, you can avoid some significant issues. First, you should look for the best service provider in your area and ensure they don’t use harmful chemicals as cleaning products.

To be more precise, you must gather enough information about the car washer. For example, you can check the area where they wash your car. Besides, it will be better to notice any extra dirty car washed before your car and stuff.

Because extra dirty car will have a lot of dirt, while cleaning it, washing mitt will catch a lot of small rocks which might end up scratching your car.

Water pressure can be another crucial fact here. Make the car washer apply expected washer pressure that doesn’t go inside the engine or transmission. 

Nevertheless, let’s look closely at some of the bullet points regarding what you should do and don’t. 

  • Make sure the engine of your car is off. You don’t need to start your car engine once you arrive at the washing area. Besides, ensure the gear selector is in the ‘N’ position.
  • Don’t try to brake your car once it is on the roller in the washing area. However, if you brake your car in this condition, the wheel of your car gets out of the roller track. 
  • You must ensure that your car is in a neutral position during automatic car washing.

Why Shouldn’t You Use a Car Wash?

The abrasive nature of brushes is the more concerning fact about car washes. It may seem beneficial from a first look, but when you examine the car’s paint closely, you can see the spots or scratches most of the time. 

Many car owners and experts are satisfied with traditional car cleaning without using chemical products or extreme water pressure. 

However, the massive level of water pressure may damage your car’s surface.  So, if you won’t mind seeing 2200 psi of water pressure on your vehicle, you can go with the car wash. Whereas, 1000 – 1200 psi is considered normal for a car wash.

Related Questions

Can I Take an Automatic Car Through a Car Wash?

You can take your car through an automatic car washer if you are pretty satisfied with the performance of the car washers. However, there are a few pros and cons out there when it comes to the automatic car wash. Besides, try to make sure the washer uses high-quality cleaning materials.

What Should You Not Do With an Automatic Transmission?

The majority of vehicles in recent days come with automatic transmission. However, you need to be a bit more conservative with automatic transmission. 

First, you stop using two feet while driving an automatic car. Besides, driving the vehicle without warming the engine can cause some problems, so you should also avoid doing so.

Another important thing you shouldn’t do with an automatic transmission is to drive it despite having less fuel in the tank forcibly. 

Do Touchless Car Washes Damage Your Car?

There are too many positive and negative sides to a touchless car wash. But, what you should make sure of is that your washing procedure is flawlessly performed. This is because touchless car washes have become so popular over the last few years for their effectiveness. 

However, some issues still take place in touchless car washing. Most people claim they are not getting accurate performance; the extreme water pressure damages the transmission and stuff.

But, the more objects we have discovered issues with the car’s paint. Nonetheless, we believe you will have better washing performance if you go to the best car washes regarding touchless car washing. 

If you need quick cleaning services and are willing to afford a bit of money, then a touchless car wash is a better choice. 

Final Words

You have been going through a deep discussion about the automatic car wash. We have tried to share with you every single fact you need to know before taking your car to the automatic car wash. Automatic car wash needs more money. 

If you can afford it and you badly need to wash your car in a short time, you can go with an automatic car wash. Besides, make sure you follow the guideline regarding what you need to do in the automatic car wash process and what you should avoid. 

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