Can You Clean A Charging Port With Alcohol?

Charging Ports get all dirty in a very short span of time. But as it covers a small area, the cleaning process of the charging port can be a challenging task. There are various ways to keep it clean, but the processes are very detailed and need careful execution. Many might suggest using alcohol to clean a charging port.

But, Can You Clean A Charging Port With Alcohol? Alcohol is a very effective cleaning agent. But when it comes to cleaning a charging port, you should skip using it as it can move inward and damage the other parts of the device. You need to be very careful and clean the charging port with compressed air and other damp tools. 

In this article, you will get to know why you should and should not use alcohol to clean the charging port. But what is more interesting about the article is I will be sharing the best ways to clean various charging ports. 

So, do not forget to go through the whole article to discover a lot of useful information. Happy Reading.

Can I Use Alcohol To Clean My Phone Charger Port?

Alcohol or rubbing alcohol cannot be used to clean my phone charger port. Let me warn you, a single drop of alcohol can enter the phone and damage the electrical parts. It might deteriorate their performance if alcohol comes in touch with the speakers, keyboards, or other parts. 

However, it is recommended not to use liquid substances to clean the charger port of phones. However, you can use compressed air. But you need to hold the can upright so that the water does not get inside the charging port. 

You might know alcohol can be used to clean a phone’s screen. In case you use alcohol to clean the screen of your phone, do not let the alcohol get inside the phone through the charging port. 

Always use a cotton pad or microfiber cloth to clean the charging port. However, it would be best if you did not use the cloth while it is wet. Take off the excess and use the damp cloth to clean the charging port. 

So, How Do I Clean A Charging Port?

Phones and laptops go through a lot of wear and tear as they spend most of the time in our hands, pockets, table, purses, or other places which can be dirty. No matter what, you should take proper steps to clean it regularly. 

Well, without any confusion, let me provide you with a detailed process of cleaning the charging port. The process will help you get rid of all the dirt and dust without doing any damage to the device.

The best part is that you can use this technique to clean all kinds of tablets, smartphones, and laptops’ charging ports. However, you should be extremely careful and follow the instructions point by point. 

Detailed Process Of Cleaning Charging Port

Step 1 – Gather All The Necessary Items

The good thing is that you can use things that are present in your home in this process. If something is missing, you can find these in any departmental store. That is, finding the items for the cleaning process will not trouble you at all.

Here’s a list of things for the whole process of cleaning the charging port:

  • Isopropyl Alcohol
  • A thin stick or a wooden toothpick.
  • A roll of thread
  • A can of compressed air (always use the one with the thin straw attached to the nozzles)
  • Cotton Bud or cotton pad (In case you use a cotton bud, you can skip toothpick)
  • Soft microfiber cloth

Step 2 – Turn Off The Device

This step might seem very straightforward, but a very important step. Turning off the phone or laptop is mandatory before using other tools.   

Go to the settings and turn off the device beforehand to avoid any kind of accident. For extra precaution, you should take off any kind of removable battery from the device. 

Step 3 – Blow Compressed Air Into The Charger Port

Now take the can of compressed air and position it so that the straw of the can is positioned to the left side of the charging port. It can also be placed on the right side, but you need to keep it in one way. 

Press the nozzle to blow the air into the port. While doing it, try and make sure the straw is steady. Remember, too much air pressure might damage the internal tools, so provide an adequate amount of pressure that will suffice to clean the charging port.

Step 4 – Prepare The Tool To Clean The Area

You can directly use a cotton bud to clean the charging port and the overall area in this step. However, sometimes it becomes difficult to clean the charging port because the cotton bud is wider than the charging space. 

Well, you have got nothing to worry about; a single trick can rescue you. Take a toothpick and some cotton pad. Perfectly roll the cotton on one side of the toothpick; make sure the cotton does not move from the toothpick.

Take a tread and roll it over the cotton to secure it. It will keep the cotton in its place so that it does not enter inside the device while cleaning it. 

Step 5 – Clean The Inside Area Of The Charging Port

Now that the tool is ready, you need to clean the inner side of the charging port. Take the toothpick with cotton attached to it to clean it. 

But before that, put some Isopropyl Alcohol in a small bowl. Then dap the toothpick into the Isopropyl alcohol and then clean the inside area of the Charging port. 

Remember, you cannot use the wet toothpick; remember to remove the excess alcohol from the toothpick. Wipe the overall area and take off all the dirt and debris.

Be careful and gentle while cleaning the inside area. Repeat the process as many times as required. 

Now tilt the charging port downward so that all the extra dirt comes off. You can use the compressed air can to take the rest of the dirt. Finally, clean the area using a soft microfiber cloth.

Related Questions:

Can You Clean USB-C Port With Alcohol?

You can use alcohol to clean the USB-C port, but you cannot use too much of it. Just tap a cotton pad into the alcohol and after taking all the excess alcohol from it, clean the USB-C port. 

Be careful and gentle. Being extremely rough or inserting alcohol can damage the internal tools of the device.

How Do I Clean My Charging Port With Isopropyl Alcohol?

You can use Isopropyl Alcohol to clean the charging port. But first, you will need a toothpick and some cotton. Attaching the cotton with the toothpick, you can tap some Isopropyl Alcohol into it and insert it inside the charging port to clean it. 

Avoid spraying Isopropyl alcohol inside the charging port as it will damage your device. 

Can Alcohol Damage Your Phone?

Yes, Alcohol has the power to damage your phone. When too much alcohol inserts into your phone, it might damage the electrical tools present inside the phone. 

For example, the speaker or microphone might lose its productivity and deteriorate its performance. 

Can I Use Hand Sanitizer To Clean My Phone Charging Port?

Sanitizing your phone can be an important task, especially during the Covid-19 phase. You can take a soft microfiber cloth to clean the outer surface of the phone. But when it comes to cleaning the charging port, I would suggest not you use any sanitizer in the charging port. 

Spraying sanitizer into the phone’s charging port might cause serious damage to the phone. However, you can use a cotton bud damp with some alcohol to clean the changer port. 

Does Rubbing Alcohol Damage Screens?

Many touchscreen devices come with an oleophobic coating which helps to repel oil. When you harshly use rubbing alcohol to clean the screen, you do nothing but damage the coating as it can take away the coating from the screen. 

Final Thoughts

Charging ports comprise a very tiny portion of the phone, yet it attracts so much dirt and debris. Keeping it clean is a must. And if you notice the charging port gets dirty frequently, you might need to clean it atleast once a week.

However, how frequently you clean it does not really matter but what matters the most is how you are cleaning it. You will need some Isopropyl Alcohol, compressed air, and some tools to clean the charger port properly. 

Remember, if anything goes inside, it might damage the phone. Be extremely careful and gentle so that no damage occurs. 

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