Can You Clean Your PC With a Vacuum? (With 4 Simple Steps)

Letting the PC be unclean for a long time can cause problems that you may not want to face. So, you need to clean your PC on regular breaks. Have you wondered if you can clean your PC with a vacuum?

Yes, it is possible to clean your PC with a vacuum, a special type of vacuum cleaner to be more precise. With the help of a vacuum cleaner, you can completely clean your PC without harming any parts. Therefore, you just need to know the proper methods and choose the correct vacuum cleaner to do so. 

If you cannot use the vacuum cleaner wisely, it may damage some parts of your PC. However, traditional vacuum cleaners generate static electricity that can cause problems with the CPU or other parts if not correctly used. 

Is it Safe to Vacuum Inside a PC?

Well, if you search for this query online, you will get different answers. However, you can clean your computer or PC with the help of a vacuum cleaner if you are careful enough. As we all know, a vacuum cleaner creates strong suction power.

Therefore, if there is limitless suction power, it may cause problems with the cooling fan or motherboard. But, you can wisely use vacuum cleaners to remove dust and dirt from the inside parts of your PC. 

Some dust inside the PC is difficult to remove with a brush and canned air. However, you can use a vacuum in this sense to clean strong dust and dirt from a PC quite comprehensively. 

So, if someone asks about the safety of using a vacuum inside a PC, the answer will be yes, and there are some safety measures. So, first, you have to make sure there’s no such amount of suction power generated that can harm any PC components. 

Besides, you must not allow the electric discharge to occur while cleaning your PC with a vacuum cleaner. There are many rechargeable computer vacuum cleaners available to clean your PC.

How Should You Clean Your PC?

You may never want a PC to have poor performance because of the additional dirt and dust. However, you will hear horrible sounds inside the PC if there is excess dust. Therefore, it reduces the performance and productivity of your computer. 

So, you need to clean your PC at regular intervals. There’s no specific period for cleaning your PC. You should perform the task of cleaning based on the inner condition of your PC. You will be able to run your computer smoothly if you clean it regularly. 

You need to follow specific steps to perform the task of cleaning your PC correctly. However, you may try different methods. But, the ways that we share in this article are well-practiced by most PC users. 

Step 1: Turn off your computer and unplug the power cord

Don’t try to clean your PC without shutting it down. Therefore, there will be a massacre if you start cleaning the PC while keeping the power on.

Once you shut down your PC, you need to disconnect all power cables carefully. 

Step 2: Begin by Cleaning the Mouse, Keyboard, and Monitor

It will be much better to start by cleaning the mouse, keyboard, and monitor. You can even wash these PC components using some tissues.

Therefore, you can also use glass or household cleaner liquid. Be extra careful while cleaning the monitor. 

There are several types of specialized keyboard vacuum cleaners that you can find on the market. Choosing this type of vacuum cleaner to clean your PC will save a lot of time for you.

Step 3: Open the Case and Clean the Computer Fans

Now you have to open the case of your PC carefully. Then, you should pull out the cooling fan first. It will be better if you take enough time to clean the fan. You can use a portable vacuum cleaner, in this case, to perform the task efficiently along with a brush.

We hear a bad sound from the case because of the dusty cooling fan. We warn you not to increase the power level of the portable vacuum cleaner. Otherwise, it can damage the PC fans.

Step 4: Clean the Most Crucial Hardware

The most important PC parts are the GPU, motherboard, RAM, SSD, power supply, HDD, processor, etc. You need to be very careful to clean these too. If you are not conscious enough to clean this stuff off, you will harm your PC. 

It will provide you with a lot of ease if you clean these components.

You should use a vacuum cleaner for computers, brushes, air blowers, cotton swabs, and tissues to clean them in this case.

Make sure you are tricky enough to remove the power supply before cleaning. You should also clean your PC’s case in the same way by choosing the best tool to clean it. 

Therefore, you can use an eraser to clean the RAM of your PC instead of soft brushes.

Some Crucial Points To Follow:

  • Don’t use water to clean the PC part if it’s not urgent. 
  • Be careful while brushing the parts.
  • Use a PC vacuum cleaner only for removing dust.
  • Don’t forcibly clean any parts.
  • Give enough time for cleaning. 
  • Clean the processor carefully and add thermal paste if needed while inserting it again.
  • Use a microfiber cloth to wipe the processor.

How to Clean the Inside of a PC Without Compressed Air?

If you are unwilling to clean your PC with compressed air, you can perform PC cleaning without it. Therefore, you need to use some of the additional tools.

There are several components out there that you can use. These are like brushes of different types, silicon blowers, hairdryers, etc. You should use these tools based on the condition inside your PC. The most common and effective tools, in this case, are brushes and blowers. 

Some Effective Ways To Clean The Inside of a PC Without compressed Air are as follows:

1. Clean Your PC Using Brushes

You can use your used brushes in this case. The cooling fan is the most important component of your PC. Therefore, you will be able to clean it properly using a brush. Besides, you can also clean the RAM, SSD, and hard disk power and supply using the brush. 

Do brushing a few times carefully until you clean the PC components properly.

2. Clean Your PC Using Silicon Blowers

If you don’t use any vacuum cleaner or compressed air, you should go with silicon blowers in this regard. You can get a clean PC set by pressing the blowers in the right direction where there is a lot of dust. 

Therefore, silicon blowers will be pretty effective when cleaning the corners inside the PC case. Besides, when cleaning your PC’s GPU, processor, and motherboard, you can also use silicon blowers. 

Related Questions

How Do You Vacuum Your Computer?

You use a vacuum to clean the hardware of your PC. But there are a few things you need to know about using it. First, you have to buy a specialized vacuum cleaner to clean the PC. Secondly, you need to use the vacuum cleaner where there’s no risk of using it. 

However, you should take enough time to clean the PC part by part and corner to corner inside the case. The proper cleanliness of your PC largely depends on how well you use a vacuum cleaner. So, don’t take any unnecessary risks while cleaning your PC with a Vacuum cleaner. 

You need to follow the normal PC cleaning steps that we mentioned above. What you have to do is to use an appropriate vacuum cleaner to clean your PC correctly. 

Can I Use a Hairdryer to Clean My PC?

If you don’t find any other way to clean your PC, you might use it. We know it may seem weird for some people, but you need to clean your PC at the end of the day. The hairdryer you use also generates compressed air, suitable for cleaning your PC. 

Let your hairdryer perform at average speed so that it can’t cause any damage to your PC parts. Don’t take the hairdryer too close to the part, and thus, you will be able to clean your PC correctly. 

Final Thoughts 

So, when will you start cleaning your PC with the vacuum cleaning process? We have covered some essential and additional points regarding PC cleaning right above. Then, you can have a cleaner PC by following our suggestions.

We also remove your confusion about ‘can you clean your PC with a vacuum?’ You have got a satisfying answer to the question. We care about your PC and user experience. Keep your PC clean as you clean. Happy PC cleaning!

Sifatul Shohan

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