Can You Dry Clean A Leather Jacket?

As someone owing many leather jackets, I have always been concerned with the cleaning process of the leather jacket. I have also come across many leather jacket users who have been in the same situation. Many people have been worried if the cleaning process will hamper the Jacket or not? Dry Cleaning is the best way to clean the Jacket, or should I just put it in the washing machine?

Can You Dry Clean A Leather Jacket? Yes, you can dry clean a leather jacket. However, the regular Dry Cleaning process might dry out the natural moisture of the leather, which is why the dry cleaning process of the leather is slightly different, and you will have to apply some natural oils to the leather after cleaning

Leather products are sensible and can get damaged due to very few mistakes. But you do not have to worry about your leather jacket because in this article you will get an overall cleaning procedure for leather jackets. 

Additionally, I will be providing various tips I bet you did not know, which will keep your leather jacket just like a new one. So, without any further ado, let us dig in. 

What Is The Best Way To Clean A Leather Jacket?

Undoubtedly, you cannot put your leather jacket in a washing machine. It will be a complete disaster. The best way to clean a leather jacket is Dry Cleaning. However, let me warn you the Dry Cleaning process for Leather Jackets is not the same as the Dry Cleaning process for other fabrics. 

Even though Dry Cleaning can be expensive, when it comes to Dry Cleaning Leather Jackets,  experts recommend seeking professional help. However, things can be different if you are skilled in this area.

Should I Dry Clean My Leather Jacket?

Leather products should be treated softly and tenderly, which is why they require a protective cleaning process. You cannot put your leather jacket in a washing machine. 

It is because the water and heat might damage the Jacket. Moreover, the continuous spinning inside the washing machine might tear the soft outer layer of the leather jacket. 

When it comes to Dry Cleaning, you can Dry Clean your leather jackets. However, you might not be aware that the process of Dry Cleaning can be harsh for Leather Jackets. 

Just like leather products, many other fabrics need to be Dry Cleaned only. Such as wool and linens. For example, Suits need to be dry cleaned only because they are made of wool or linen. For more information, check the article Why Do Suits Need To Be Dry Cleaned? 

Although Dry Cleaning sounds like a process that does not involve any liquid, there are some uses of chemicals in their liquid form which can harm the leather. These chemicals might tear off the leather and strip the natural oils and moisture from the leather while making it all dry. 

The best way to clean your leather jacket might be claimed Dry Cleaning, but the only thing that needs to be cleaned thoroughly in a leather jacket is the lining. You can use mild leather cleaners to wipe off the dirt from the outer layer of the Jacket on an occasional basis.

No matter which procedure you use, you will need to apply some good leather conditioner for the longevity of the leather jacket. 

How To Clean Leather Jacket At Home?

Delicate products like leather products require careful attention when it comes to cleaning them. Leather products, like couches, purses, jackets, and other products, must be handled carefully. 

For instance, if you have a leather couch, you know how careful you need to be when you are around. Moreover, the cleaning process is very different from others. If you are unaware, check the article, How to Clean and Condition Leather Furniture Naturally?

Nonetheless, when it comes to a leather jacket, you will also need a delicate process to clean it. You can seek professional help, but always remember to check their certification because you do not want your leather jacket damaged. 

When your Jacket is smelly and dirty with sweat and body oil, send it to a professional leather cleaning organization if you are unaware of the procedure and are not an expert in this area. 

In case you want to clean it all by yourself, you will need some warm water and mild laundry detergent. Avoid using hot water, as it will damage your leather garment. 

Mix the detergent with the warm water, and using a soft microfiber cloth, wipe off all over the Jacket. Remember, too much detergent can be rough for the fabric; it might strip the outer layer.

Now get a hanger and hang the Jacket to dry it out. Once the Jacket is completely dried, apply some good quality leather conditioner to it. 

You can also use a leather cleaner. It is a safe and highly recommended option as it carries all the chemicals the leather jacket will require to get cleaned. A good quality leather cleaner will take off the dirt and unwanted stains. 

Make sure to use a good quality conditioner to keep its texture soft and moisturized. However, never apply the products directly on the leather, and make sure to do a spot test first. Also, it is important to be gentle with the application; do not rub harder. 

How Often Should I Dry Clean Your Leather Jacket?

Frequent Dry Cleaning of your leather jacket might damage the leather. Then again, if not cleaned when required, germs and residue might also damage the leather jacket. That is why you need to know exactly when you need to clean your leather jacket. 

If your leather jacket is used frequently or on a daily basis, it is recommended to clean it once a year. If you are worried that some accidents, lead stains, and spots will not come off easily, some home remedies should be applied.

Then let me warn you; you are mistaken. The Dry Cleaning process involves the use of some chemicals which will surely take off all the blemishes after the Cleaning and will leave so trace. 

How Much Does It Cost To Dry Cleaning A Leather Jacket?

The average price of a dry cleaning leather jacket ranges typically from $30 to $100. Well, you might be wondering why it is so costly. To be honest, cleaning leather requires good quality products and delicate cleaning procedures, and you will have to pay extra to get that quality service. 

Nevertheless, depending on the size of the Jacket, the pricing might vary a lot. To get an understanding check out the table provided below;

Leather Jacket SizePrice Range
Small$30 – $55
Medium$55 – $65
Large$65 – $75
Extra large (XL)$75 – $100

Tips To Keep The Leather Jacket In Good Condition

Maintaining a leather jacket requires perseverance and great care. If you are wondering how long the Leather Jacket will last. Let me tell you, and it completely depends on how you treat it. If you treat it with love and care, it will surely last longer than usual.

Remember to Dry Clean it once a year because frequent Cleaning might damage the texture and color. If any accidents occur, like a spill of food or ink, then seek professional help as soon as possible. 

Store your leather jacket in an organized way. Many people think you can put them in a plastic bag for better protection. But this is not the real scenario. 

If you keep the Leather Jacket in a plastic bag, it will be trapped and will not be able to breathe. It would be best to keep it in a place where it will stay cool, dry, and protected. 

If you find your Jacket being wrinkled, you can surely iron it, but the procedure will differ a bit. Since direct heat of the iron will hamper the leather, you will have to place a heavy towel on top of it before ironing it. Additionally, make sure to set the setting to medium heat. 

Remember, drops of rain can damage your leather products. You need to protect it from rain, just the way you need to protect it from the sun. 

Regardless of the type of your leather jacket, make sure to spray some waterproofing agent to seal the pores. It will help to protect the leather from the rain and accidental drink spill. 

Conditioning the leather is a must. Just like our skin, the leather can dry out and lose its moisture which is why conditioning it occasionally is mandatory. It also keeps the outer layer soft and hydrated. 

Related Question

Does Dry Cleaning Damage Leather?

Dry Cleaning leather is recommended. However, dry cleaning might cause harm to the Jacket and damage it. For instance, dry Cleaning sucks the natural oils and moisture from the leather and keeps it all dried out. 

Sometimes the jackets might shrink if something goes wrong with the cleaning process. After dry Cleaning the leather jacket, the Jacket might lose its natural color and texture. Sometimes the color gets darker and sometimes lighter. The smooth texture might go away and get all roughen. 

For all these extreme reasons, it is recommended to seek professional help when you need to clean your leather jacket. And what is more important is that, check the professional dry cleaner’s qualification so that you can completely rely on them. 

How Often Should You Dry Clean A Leather Jacket?

When it comes to Dry Cleaning a Leather jacket, it is recommended to do it once a year, even if the leather jacket goes through heavy use. 

Yes, things might differ if your Jacket goes through an accident. For example, it got an ink stain or a food stain. Then, you will have to rush to the Dry Cleaners as soon as possible.

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