Can You Wash a Single Item In The Washing Machine?

Think about a scenario when you don’t have too many clothes left to wash them with the help of the washing machine. But, suddenly, you realize you need to clean one of your clothes urgently. Now, some worries come out of nowhere, and you doubt whether it is harmful to your washing machine to wash only one object. 

Well, you can wash a single item in the washing machine when you badly need to do it. But, it won’t be so economical to wash only one cloth at a time. Furthermore, there’s a chance of water wastage and imbalance spin. But doing so won’t harm the washer or your cloth.

Nonetheless, there are quite a few things that you should consider while cleaning one item in the washing machine. We will break down the facts for you in the article. 

Can You Put One Item in the Washing Machine?

Sometimes, you may need to wash only one item of your cloth badly. However, in this case, if you are not willing to clean the cloth by hand washing, you can use the washing machine. 

But, experts recommend people to wait until a proper amount of cloth is stored and then clean them in the washing machine. 

It makes no difference whether you put only one item in the washing machine or more; the machine will need the same amount of electrical power. Therefore, if the electricity bill doesn’t create any trouble for you, it’s OK to wash only one item at a time

Furthermore, water wastage can be another issue as all clothing items need the same water in the washing machine. You may sometimes not get the expected cleaning because of the imbalance of drum spinning. 

What Happens if You Don’t Put Enough Clothes in the Washer?

If you are a regular washing machine user, you may or should know about the load capacity of your washing machine. However, every washing machine has its load capacity. Here, load capacity simply means how much cloth you can wash at a time in the washer. 

Additional loads of laundry in the washing machine, which means putting too many clothes at a time in the washing machine, can cause serious problems. On the other hand,  if you don’t put enough clothes in the washer, it may cause some minor issues. 

No matter how many clothes you put in the washing machine, the spin cycle will be almost the same. If you don’t put enough cloth in the washer, there may be an imbalance, including water wastage and electricity loss. 

Furthermore, you may also hear a loud thumping noise from the washer. That’s why washing one cloth under the lowest setting is better. 

What Are the Possible Load Capacities of Washing Machines?

It’s always essential to have a decent idea about the load capacity of washing machines. Why? Because excessive loads of laundry Often create trouble for the washing machines to perform a proper wash cycle.

Some people just put together all the cleaning items for a week and wash them at once. Doing so is never a good approach; if you do so, you should avoid it. You need to provide enough space for the washing machine drum to clean clothes properly.

Let’s have a look at the load capacities of the washer below.

Washing Machine Load Capacity Maximum Number of Clothes (Approx.)
5 Kg10 pairs of jeans/ 25 T-shirts/ 12 bath towels.
6 Kg12 pairs of jeans/ 30 T-shirts/ Single duvet.
7 Kg14 pairs of jeans/ 35 T-shirts/ Double duvet.
8 Kg 16 pairs of jeans/ 40 T-shirts/ 8  jumpers
9 Kg 18 pairs of jeans/ 45 T-shirts/ 9 jumpers/ Medium Size duvet
10 kg20 pairs of jeans/ 50 T-shirts/ 10 jumpers/ Heavy size duvet
11 kg22 pairs of jeans/ 55 T-shirts/11 jumpers/ heavy king size duvet

Note: The data presented above is not exact because you should use your washing machine according to your needs. However, you can get a good idea of how many clothes you can wash based on the size of the washing machine. 

What Can Ruin a Washing Machine?

You can’t just use the washing machine randomly. Like any other electronic device, washing machines can sometimes be defective or ruined. As a result, it’s essential to know the causes behind this.

Overloading the Washing Machine

You need to be pretty much careful about the fact that you don’t put on too many clothes at a time. Nevertheless, overloading the washing machine disturbs the appropriate wash cycle.

Furthermore, If you overload the washing machine, it will create extra pressure on the drum. For this, the drum will be unable to move. 

Besides, putting too many clothes at a time can cause unwanted stains on the bearing and motors of the washer. This can further cause bearings and motor damage.

Lack of Maintenance

Electronic devices need regular maintenance. In the case of washing machines, there is no exception. Whenever you find issues with your washing machine, you must inspect the causes first.

Once you know what causes the issues, don’t make any further delay in resolving the causes. Furthermore, cleaning your washing machine at regular intervals is something you shouldn’t avoid.

Not Leveling the Washing Machine

When you place your washing machine, ensure you level it properly. If you don’t balance the washing machine, it will create severe mechanical failures. You may often find leakage under the washing machine because of improper leveling.

Therefore, ensure the area is flat, and there’s no object whenever you tend to place your washing machine.

Metal in the washing machine

Sometimes, there may be some coins or keys in your jeans’ pocket, and you put the jeans in the washing machine. If this happens, the metal will crash and bang against the drum. Most possibly, you will find a loud sound in this case. 

So, before putting any cloth into the washing machine, ensure you don’t put any metal with the clothes. 

Frequently Asked Question

How Many Times a Day Can I Use My Washing Machine?

Excessive washing machines in a single day can cause significant issues. Therefore, according to the experts, it is better if you don’t use the washing machine more than 5 times a day. 

Besides, it would be best if you always let the washing machine rest for an hour or so before using it again.


Can I wash a single item in the washing machine? You’ve now probably got the answer to this question. However, to summarize, avoid washing a single cloth item if you don’t have any urgency. You may never want to see a considerable amount of electricity bill.

Furthermore, ensure you don’t put too much load in the washing machine and try to put the laundry according to the washer’s capacity. Don’t forget to ensure proper maintenance of your washing machine to get its service for a long time.

If you make the best use of the washing machine, you will get the expected cleaning result.

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