Car Wash Vs Detailing: 9 Points to Consider

Whoever wants to see their car with dirty looks? That’s why, the importance of car cleaning or washing makes a lot of sense. Car wash and detailing are two of the most efficient ways to wash the car. But, Which method should you choose to wash your car? Is there any difference? 

The most prominent difference between the two car cleaning methods is cleaning depth. You can have more in-depth cleaning with the car detailing or auto detailing, focusing on cleaning both internal and external components. Whereas the car wash only focuses on cleaning external debris and dirt. 

However, it will be much better if we share the top points you should consider while choosing between a car wash and detailing.

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Car Wash Vs Detailing: Follow the top 9 Points Below

Well, there are far many differentiated facts that come into play discussing car wash and car detailing. But, we have chosen the top 9 unavoidable points for you. 

The points which we will cover are;

  1. Process
  2. Time
  3. Cost
  4. Risk
  5. Equipment
  6. Performance
  7. Paint Protection
  8. Life Span
  9. Interior

Once you know the points we’ll discuss, it’s time to elaborate on the facts below. Keep reading the article to the very end.

1. Process

Car detailing is a more in-depth cleaning process for your car, and there are a few valid reasons for this too. In the car detailing process, professionals emphasize every single part of the car. 

The main focus is on removing the smallest of the expected dirt and dust from the car. More precisely, car detailing is a more powerful way of cleaning cars. 

On the other hand, the traditional car wash is not a pretty in-depth cleaning process as car detailing. In usual car washing, the main focus is to clean the car using traditional cleaning material and get some cleanliness. Here, you can’t expect that level of extreme car cleaning outcome. 

2. Time

As car detailing is a more in-depth car cleaning process, it’s pretty natural that it takes much time compared to the traditional car wash. As we mentioned above, car detailing is a cleaning process where it has to be ensured that cars become clean and look shining from every viewpoint.

Besides, as there is a lot of work with the interior of a car, it may take some time to clean the elements inside too. It takes more time to get into all the nooks and crannies of the cars.

The car wash method takes less time , as the main focus is not to clean the car entirely with complete accuracy. Therefore, you don’t need to call a professional and give him much time to clean your car comprehensively.  Besides, in car washing, you don’t have to follow as many steps as needed with car detailing. 

3. Cost

You need to spend more money on car detailing than the car wash. The reason for this is simple. As car detailing performs more accurately and needs special equipment, it will cost you a lot of money. But if you consider the benefit you get in return, it may seem pretty OK.

Car detailing also offers a lot more services such as waxing, polishing, paint job, engine-bay cleaning, interior cleaning and so on. 

On the contrary, you can perform the car wash task without spending much money. This is because you don’t need higher expertise in equipment to wash your car. Therefore, if you are OK with an average level of car cleaning, you can stick with the car wash. 

4. Risk

It’s essential to be careful when you clean your car because some risk factors may come into play. However, when comparing the car wash with the car detailing in terms of risk, the car detailing seems less risky.

When you randomly wash your car with water without any technical measure, you may damage your car, But in terms of car detailing, there is low risk involved. 

A basic car wash can sometimes damage the paint or coat of your car. But, on the other side, you don’t need to worry about the car detailing as it degrades the clear coat of your car. 

5. Equipment

Equipment differentiates the two types of car cleaning methods more precisely. Talking about the car wash, it doesn’t need superficial equipment at first. However, most traditional car wash methods need some basic cleaning products. 

But, the car detailing needs some exceptional equipment or tools. However, in this case, most of the equipment is used to clean the car’s interior.  Besides, the cleaning equipment and products are also used to remove the car’s dirt, bugs, and debris.

The equipment used regarding the car detailing ensures that every inch of the car remains perfect. 

6. Performance

Both types of car cleaning methods will provide you with different performances. You will perform the task of basic car cleaning with the help of the car wash. As a car wash focuses a lot on cleaning the car’s exterior, you can’t expect to perform it for every single part of your car.

On the other hand, car detailing is more than a basic car wash. This long-time car cleaning process will help you get a car that looks like a new one. Besides, you will also notice the engine’s performance increases with this car cleaning formula

You need to feel when people see our cars but also when we drive cars. However, the car detailing ensures a better driving experience as you have a much cleaner interior. Besides, we don’t often need to perform car detailing tasks for your car. 

7. Paint Protection

A basic car wash can sometimes damage the paint or coat of your car. But, on the other side, you don’t need to worry about the car detailing as it degrades the clear coat of your car. Besides, with the help of car detailing, which consists of waxing your car, you will have more protected paint on your car.

However, the wax also helps the car keep shining for a long time and removes unexpected debris. You can also protect your car’s paint with a traditional car wash if you use the best materials. 

Nonetheless, when it comes to painting correction, the car detailing works better than the car wash. The car detailing adds a protecting layer to the surface of your car using products like wax, sealant, and ceramics. 

8. Lifespan

If you want to improve the life span of your car, regular wash is not enough. On the contrary, car detailing can increase the life span of your car by helping the parts of the car to work as expected. 

Besides, car detailing also increases the value of your car, which you can’t expect with gentle car washing with water and soap.

Professional car detailers can remove the defects from the car, and a car without many defects means it will last for a long time.

9. Interior

Car detailing removes the tiniest pebbles and dirt from your car’s interior. Therefore, car detailing focuses a lot on cleaning the car’s interior besides the exterior. The interior cleaning process also includes cleaning and vacuuming the floor mats, footwells, etc.

On the opposite side, the basic car wash doesn’t focus much on the interior of a car. So if you take your car to a car washer, he doesn’t give enough emphasis on cleaning the interior of your car.

Final Words

Car wash and detailing both are necessary depending on the situation. You need to wash your car regularly if it catch dusts and look dirty.

In my case, I detail my car in every once in a while, it makes the car look shiny and remove extra dirt that can be removed from a regular wash.

We believe you are in a position to determine which type of car cleaning is better for you and your car.  Both ways come with some pros and cons. What you need to find out is the situation of your car and budget regarding car wash vs car detailing. 

You can choose the car wash methods if you have a comparatively newer car, you can choose the car wash methods. On the other hand, if your car is comparatively older, you can choose the car detailing for your car. However, the consideration of your budget can also come into play here.

But, in the overall scenario, the car detailing will provide you with some of the additional benefits compared to the car wash. 

Sifatul Shohan

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