Do Dry Cleaners Clean Shoes?

No one wants to spoil their favourite pair of shoes.  That’s why people like us have much concern when it comes to cleaning our shoes. Most people don’t know how to clean their shoes the right way, so its a common question to ask if  Dry Cleaners Clean Shoes.

Dry cleaners can clean your shoes more perfectly than anyone else. Dry cleaning is one of the most effective cleaning techniques that doesn’t destroy the shine of shoes. Besides, dry cleaners ensure the durability of shoes along with comfort as it uses special chemicals to clean shoes.

We know you care about your shoes and don’t want to fade them away shortly. Therefore, we have something very informative to let you know about cleaning your shoes.

You will be able to learn the exact methods along with some key factors related to shoe cleaning. 

Let’s start!

Benefits of Cleaning Shoes Using Dry Cleaners 

Dry cleaners are extremely beneficial when it comes to cleaning your shoes. As it offers your shoes the best shine it deserves. Here are some of the benefits of using dry cleaning for your shoes.

  • Offers proper shine to your shoes
  • It’s inexpensive
  • It takes less time to clean your shoes
  • Increases durability

How Much Does It Cost to Get a Pair of Shoes Cleaned?

There is not a single cleaning cost that suits all types of shoes. So, you have to spend the amount of money to clean your shoes based on the kinds of shoes you own. Besides, the price ranges of cleaning a pair of shoes also depend on cleaning. 

Does it make any sense?

You have to spend around $10-$30 cleaning regular shoes in an in-general scenario. Sometimes, you have to pay more if you want to clean your boots with a shoe cleaner’s help. 

However, the rate will change based on the cleaner and how you choose to clean your shoes. Therefore, you should look for an effective way to clean your shoes at an affordable price compared to the quality of cleaning you will get.

Can Dry Cleaners Clean Suede Shoes?

You will be able to clean your shoes comprehensively by taking your suede shoes to the dry cleaners. However, Suede shoes are made of quality leather. So, you have to be very careful in this regard. 

Dry cleaners wash your shoes without any water or little water. They use essential cleaning elements to clean the suede shoes properly. 

The dry cleaners usually use additional heat to make your shoes look super dashing. Besides, the dry cleaners also take extra care of your shoes and refurbish your shoes if there is any damage or stuff like that.

So, it will be much better to take your suede shoes to the dry cleaners. Therefore, you will get the high durability of your shoes. Besides, it will take less time to clean shoes with the dry cleaners. So, if someone considers dry cleaning as the best way to clean suede shoes, they won’t be wrong. 

What’s the Best Way to Clean Shoes?

Finding the best ways to clean your shoes is always very important. Though there are quite a few shoe cleaning methods or techniques, you would like to prefer dry cleaning. 

However, people who have a deep concern for their shoes also prefer dry cleaning, and they often take their shoes to the dry cleaners. 

We know you don’t want to wait for a long time to clean your shoes. Therefore, if you take your shoes to the shoe dry cleaners, you will get the service of proper cleaning pretty fast

Besides, you don’t need to wash or clean your shoes in dry cleaning repeatedly.

So, the dry-cleaning method is always the best to clean shoes.

How Do You Dry Wash Shoes?

Here, we show you the best ways to clean your shoes. The process of cleaning your shoes depends on the amount of dust on the shoes.  However, follow the below steps to clean different types of shoes easily. 

Step 1:  Remove External Dust

The first step you have to perform is to remove the additional dirt and dust from the shoes. You can make a soft brush in this case. If you don’t have a shoe brush, you can also use your used toothbrush. 

Step 2: Pull Out the Lace and Clean them

If you intend to clean a show having laces, you need to remove these for better cleaning. Sometimes, you will find hard dirt on the laces. So, if you pull these out and clean them, you will comprehensively clean your shoes. 

Step 3: Wash the Soles

Now, you can wash the sole. First, you have to do simple bruising to remove additional dust from the sole. After that, you can even use a washcloth to clean the sole of your shoes.

Step 4: Clean other parts of the shoes

You have to thoroughly clean the other parts of the shoes with gentle brushing. Make sure you take enough time to clean the parts and perform the task of brushing until you clean the dirt.  But don’t scrub too hard.

You can use the mixture of vinegar and baking soda in this case as they are highly useful to clean hard dust. Dumping the brush into the mix and scrubbing carefully over the shoes will give you better results.  A bit of dishwashing liquid, something you may use too. 

Step 5:  Let Your Shoes Dry

You have to give your shoes enough time to dry. This is very important because it will catch additional dirt and dust if the shoe is not dry enough. You can wrap something pretty soft to dry the shoes.

Note: As mentioned above, the cleaning process of shoes depends on the type of shoes you use.

List of Shoes that Can Be Dry Cleaned

1. Suede Shoes

Dry cleaning is one of the most proficient methods for cleaning suede shoes.  Suede shoes are made of high-quality leather, and that’s why it is crucial to clean the shoes with dry-cleaning techniques. 

2. Fabric Shoes 

Any type of fabric shoes can be dry cleaned. Dry cleaners use additional chemicals that are pretty impressive for shoes made of different kinds of fabrics.

3.     Patent Leather, and Faux Leather Shoes

It will be much better if you clean these shoes with dry cleaning methods or take your shoes to the dry cleaner. Washing these shoes in the machine or using water will be very harmful. 

4. Sport Shoes

You will get far better cleaning results if you clean your shoes with dry cleaning methods. Putting your sports shoes into the washing machine can damage your favourite pair of shoes. Dry cleaners know about stain removal and different fabrics that play a big part in cleaning sports shoes. 

Related Question 

Do Cobblers Clean Shoes?

Cobblers usually help us to mend shoes. That’s why they are often called the doctor of shoes. Whatever, you can also clean your shoes with the help of the cobblers. But then again, it depends on the type of cobblers you choose to clean your shoe.

If you have any problem with your shoes, you can go to the professional cobblers. But, when it comes to cleaning your shoes, you should consider whether the cobbler is good enough to do the task perfectly. 

Cleaning your shoes often becomes more sensitive because you don’t want to ruin your favourite shoes. Long story short, if you can find the cobbler who is pretty capable of cleaning the types of shoes you own, you can take your shoes to him. 

How Do You Refurbish Shoes?

There are many ways to refurbish your shoes. But you should always go with the simplest of techniques. The refurbishment process will depend on the type of shoes you want to refurbish. However, you can. Perform the task in the comfort of your home.

In this case, you need to have some detergent you use to clean your cloth and a soft brush. At the very beginning, you need to mix some detergent with a bit of warm water. Once you have done this, it’s time to dump your brush into the mixture of detergent and water.

Then, try to brush your shoes with the brush you dumped into the mixture. Don’t do this too hard; otherwise, it can damage your shoes.

After that, you need to clean the brush with fresh water and use it on the shoes again. Then, finally, let your shoes dry for some time to refurbish them properly. 

How Do You Defog Nike Air Bubbles?

You can do the task pretty quickly at home. You will need a blow dryer, or you can also use your hairdryer. Here, you will defog the air bubbles in your Nike shoes by implementing additional heat or air into them. 

The task is very simple. First, you need to pick the pair of shoes you want to defog the air bubbles. The next step is to turn on the blow dryer or hairdryer and point it towards the air bubbles inside your shoes.

If you continue doing this until the bubbles melt, you will be done defog Nike air bubbles. Isn’t it so simple?

Final Thoughts 

You have come to get the answer to ‘do dry cleaners  clean shoes?’ and some critical aspects related to shoe cleaning. We hope you are wise enough to make the best choice when cleaning your shoes, the next time.

Dry cleaners take care of your shoes as much as you do. So, you can fearlessly send your shoes to them for better cleaning. Besides, the step-by-step guide written above can also help you. Besides, know precisely what type of shoes can be dry cleaned. 

Taking proper measures to clean your shoes will give you much delight and pleasure!

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