Do Vacuum Cleaners Have Fuses?

Fuse, a sacrificial electronic device, helps electronic circuits to avoid overcurrent. So, no matter what type of modern-day device you tend to buy, you should look for its fuse. Therefore, when it comes to one of the important appliances like a vacuum cleaner, having a fuse goes to the next level.

Do vacuum cleaners have fuses?  Most vacuum cleaners contain thermal fuses. When there is an overheating in vacuum cleaners, the fuses might blow up and cause the vacuum cleaners not to work. Then, it’s essential to replace the fuses to rerun the vacuum cleaners. Fuses are key here.

However, we’ll go over some of the probable reasons for vacuum cleaner issues and how to address them. You’ll have a good understanding of the essential home appliance.

What is the Most Common Problem with A Vacuum Cleaner?

You will hardly find any home appliance where there is no problem. So, when it comes to a vacuum cleaner, you may find some issues while running it. Not all issues are pretty much acute and won’t irritate you very often.

However, the most common problem with a vacuum cleaner is the issue with the suction. You can also consider it a problem of a vacuum cleaner that stops working. The typical scenario here is that you continue running the vacuum cleaner, and suddenly it stops and refuses to start again.

This sort of problem can occur anytime, and you have to solve this to ensure the better performance of your vacuum cleaners. No matter what types of vacuum cleaners you use, you may notice the problem of vacuum cleaners not working.

There are a few reasons behind this problem, and we will cover these in the following section.

Why Does My Vacuum Cleaner Suddenly Stop Working?

You can’t say any single reason behind this most common problem of vacuum cleaners. Once you know why your vacuum cleaner suddenly stops, you will then take further steps to solve the issue. When your vacuum cleaner stops while cleaning, a few more things can come into play.

Lack of Suction Power

What is the meaning of a vacuum cleaner if it cannot suck dirt and dust or other objects? So, if there is a problem with the suction power of a vacuum cleaner, it will stop working. With the help of a strong motor, a vacuum cleaner creates a sucking ability to operate its regular activities.

Vacuum cleaners have a bag or canister to store the object through the hose. Sometimes, the vacuum cleaner will lose suction power if the bag or canister becomes full.

A clogged air filter is another culprit of this problem. If the air filter of a vacuum cleaner becomes clogged, it will lose its ability to filter the dust and dirt, which leads to a lack of suction power.

Lack of Electricity Power

You need some amount of electrical power to run your vacuum cleaners. Therefore, the absence of a proper electrical supply can cause the problem of vacuum cleaners stopping running or suddenly stopping. 

Sometimes, there is a low electricity voltage out there, and when you intend to run the vacuum cleaner, it won’t work correctly.

Faulty Motor

The motor is considered the heart of the vacuum cleaner. So, it needs to function correctly to get the expected performance from the vacuum cleaners. However, if significant issues like a motor burning out a blocked filter, your vacuum cleaner will stop running.


Sometimes the overheating of the vacuum cleaner might cause the issue in this case. So, once you have found the problem of overheating, it is enough to shut off the vacuum cleaner. 

Generally, if you run your vacuum cleaner for a comparatively more extended period, the problem of overheating will occur.

How Do You Fix a Vacuum Cleaner That Won’t Start?

As there are many possible reasons why your vacuum cleaner won’t start, you need to perform several tasks to solve the problem?

Step 1: Disconnect the Electricity Supply

Disconnecting the electricity supply is the first task that you need to perform. We suggest you not take any action before stopping the electrical power to the vacuum cleaner.

Step 2: Check the Motor and Suction Power of the Vacuum Cleaner

As we have said earlier, your vacuum cleaner will suddenly stop and refuse to start again if there is a lack of suction power. Therefore, you need to ensure that the suction power of your vacuum cleaner is decent enough. 

Most of the time, a bad or clogged air filter often causes the issue of a lack of power supply.

However, cleaning the air filter will be a better task to perform. You should also check the vacuum cleaner’s motor to see any defects. Besides, don’t avoid setting the fuse condition in the vacuum cleaner. If the fuse gets damaged, you have to replace it immediately. 

Step 3: Check the Bag and the Canister

Sometimes, if the bag or the canister becomes full with the object, it can also cause the vacuum cleaner to have difficulty starting or won’t start. 

So, you need to check the bag and remove or clean the sucked object. Doing so will create enough space for the vacuum cleaner to start its operation effectively again.

Step 4: Clean the Vacuum Cleaner

A vacuum cleaner with many blockages won’t be better as someone expected. So, you have to clean the part of the vacuum cleaner. Simply opening the vacuum cleaner and starting cleaning part by part will be the best thing you should do.

Take enough time to clean the suction head, hose/and tubes so that you can perform the task correctly.

Step 5: Check the Power Button

It will be pretty impossible for you to start the vacuum cleaner if there is any power button or switch problem. So, it will be much better if you check the switch and replace it if it gets damaged. 

Step 6: Reset the Vacuum Cleaner

This is the final process you have to do if you find any problem with your vacuum cleaner and can’t fix the issue by performing the above steps. Most of the time, resetting the vacuum cleaner can resolve the case that the vacuum cleaner won’t run. 

Once you have done performing the above steps, we believe you will be able to fix the problem of the vacuum cleaner that won’t start.

Related Questions

Do Vacuums Overheat?

If you cannot maintain your vacuum cleaner properly, it can cause the problem of overheating. However, most modern-day vacuum cleaners are highly capable of taking more pressure. Therefore, vacuum cleaner overheating is one of the most frequent causes of motor failure. 

Is There a Reset Button on a Vacuum?

The reset button on the vacuum cleaner is always the key. You will be able to solve some of the significant issues with your vacuum cleaner. However, you will find the reset button at the bottom side of most vacuum cleaners. 

The reset button and its existence depend on the type of vacuum cleaners available. If you search for the reset button on the central vacuum, you will find it on the upper left-hand side. Central vacuum,

Most of the reset buttons are round shaped. It doesn’t matter what type of problem you face with the vacuum cleaner, the reset button is something you should look for.

How Do I Reset My Vacuum Cleaner?

If there’s a reset button in the vacuum cleaner, you will be able to reset the vacuum cleaner by pressing the reset button. This is the simplest of techniques. 

In the case of some of the other types of vacuum cleaners, you need to press and hold the power button for a while to perform the task of resetting.

Does the Hoover Windtunnel Have a Fuse?

Yes, there is a fuse with the Hoover Windtunnel vacuum cleaner. You will find the fuse in between the pins in the top plug. The fuse’s location, however, is determined by the vacuum cleaner type you use.

Is It Worth Repairing a Vacuum Cleaner?

As vacuum cleaners are one of the most beneficial home appliances, you should go for repairs if needed. You will hardly find any issues if you can buy the best vacuum cleaners. 

Most vacuum cleaners have a long life span (5-7 years). This means you don’t need to repair it repeatedly. However, it won’t be a waste of money to invest in a vacuum cleaner when it comes to fixing it.

Final Thoughts 

We have come to an end to our meaningful discussion about some of the aspects of vacuum cleaners.

First, we presented the solution of ‘Do vacuum cleaners have fuses’. We hope you have got enough idea about some of the most common problems with vacuum cleaners. Besides, you have been able to know the possible solution if there are problems with the vacuum cleaner.

You have to have enough concern with your vacuum cleaner, and don’t forget to ensure the best maintenance. Once you perform the task of cleaning your house, make sure you use the vacuum cleaner wisely. However, don’t forget to repair your vacuum cleaner if there is any problem with its performance.

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