How To Use A Car Vacuum Cleaner At Home? (In 5 Easy Steps)

A Vacuum Cleaner can be a lifesaver when it comes to cleaning the house. But sometimes the Vacuum Cleaner might get damaged, or somehow the purpose of using the Car Vacuum clear at home might increase. Well, when things are messy, you have to use the Vacuum Cleaner near you, no questions asked. 

So, How To Use A Car Vacuum Cleaner At Home? For using a Car Vacuum Cleaner at home, all you need to do is make the necessary power conversion. You can use a phone charger and create a connection with the Car Vacuum Cleaner’s adapter. Finally, turn on the switches, and the car Vacuum Cleaner is ready to use at home.  

In this article, I will let you know the numerous helpful facts about a Car Vacuum Cleaner. I will mention a detailed process of using a Car Vacuum Cleaner to clean your home. 

Therefore, in order to find out all the essential information, read the article. Happy Reading. 

What Is The Basic Difference Between A Regular Vacuum Cleaner And A Car Vacuum Cleaner?

There are slight differences between a regular home Vacuum Cleaner and a Car Vacuum Cleaner. You will see Alternating Current or AC powers a regular Vacuum Cleaner, whereas a Car Vacuum Cleaner has a direct current powered inside it.

That is, if you wish to use the Car Vacuum Cleaner to use as a Home Vacuum Cleaner, you will need to convert the power source so that you can use it effortlessly. 

Generally, a home Vacuum Cleaner’s power supply is 220V from the grid, but the Car Vacuum Cleaner will have a 12V DC rating. 

Can I Use A Car Vacuum Cleaner At Home?

You can definitely use a Car Vacuum Cleaner at home. But let me tell you; first, you need to make some necessary changes. Remember, you need to be extremely cautious so that you stay safe. 

So, How do you convert a Car Vacuum Cleaner into a Vacuum Cleaner? Well, to use a Car Vacuum Cleaner to clean your home, you need to follow some necessary yet simple steps. 

These steps will help you convert the Car Vacuum Cleaner so that you can use it at home. But let me warn you, it will not be as effective as the regular Vacuum Cleaner. It might work slowly as the power will be low.

The procedure of converting a Car Vacuum Cleaner for household use;

Step 1 – Gather Things You Will Need

Things you will need for the procedure include;

  • Car Vacuum Cleaner (with adapter)
  • Regular phone charger (with Type C USB cable)
  • Scissors 
  • Soldering Machine
  • Soldering Led
  • A little amount of Soldering paste
  • Electrical connection

Step 2 – Prepare The Charger And The Adapter

Take the Car Vacuum Cleaner’s adapter and Carefully open the cap. You will find a rod and a wire inside the adapter. Separate them carefully so that they do not break or tear. 

Now keep the Car Vacuum Cleaner’s adapter aside and take the phone charger. Carefully cut the type C charger and separate the upper cover and let the wires come out. You will notice two wires are present, so separate them cautiously. 

Step 3 – Connect The Adapter To The Charger

Now open the wires of the type C charger (the micro USB connector side). Connect one of the wires with the end of the rod. When it comes to the other end of the wire, connect it with the adapter’s pin.

Well, you need three things here so that the connections are secured and well connected. As mentioned earlier, soldering machine, soldering led, and soldering paste. These will help you to make a perfectly secured connection between the type C phone charger and the Car Vacuum Cleaner’s Adapter.

Now use all the three items to flawlessly solder them and let them sit for a few minutes. 

Step 4 – Put Everything Together

Now it is time to put everything together. Take the extra wire of the Car Vacuum Cleaner’s adapter and pull it down so that the cap of the adapter can be closed effortlessly. 

Even if you face difficulties in closing the adapter, put some force and close it so that no wires stay out. But be gentle; you might not break the adapter’s cap. After closing it perfectly, you are good to go. 

Step 5 – Turn On The Car Vacuum Cleaner

Now you will need to put the power connector inside the plugger and turn on the switch of the plugger. Remember to keep the wire unrolled and keep your body away from the adapter while testing. 

Now turn on the switch of the Car Vacuum Cleaner and experience the magic all by yourself. 

Is A Car Vacuum Cleaner Any Good?

When it comes to searching for a low-cost device that can clean the Car and keep it tidy, Vacuum Cleaner has no other alternatives. You will find it very helpful to clean the wet and dry matters using the special Car Vacuum suitable for cleaning dry and wet substances. 

Even if you are Ted, who forbids his friends to bring food inside the car, there will always be a Robin who will not only bring a huge ice cream inside the Car but will also drop it in the Car. 

Well, in times like that Car Vacuum Cleaner for the ultimate cleanliness of the Car’s interior is a must. So, buying a Car Vacuum Cleaner will surely be worth it. 

Related Questions

Can a Car Vacuum Cleaner Be Used At Home?

You can definitely use a Car Vacuum Cleaner at home to keep the household tidy, but let me warn you that the effect might not be at the same level as a regular home Vacuum Cleaner. 

You can use a phone charger and connect it with the adapter so that it can easily operate. 

What Is The Car Vacuum Cleaner Voltage? 

Whereas the home Vacuum Cleaner has a voltage of 220, the Car Vacuum Cleaner most comes with 12V.

What Are The Things You Need To Consider While Buying A Car Vacuum Cleaner?

Well, Car Vacuum Cleaner can be a lifesaver if you are a cleanliness freak like me. But it would help if you had the right Vacuum Cleaner for your Car that has the ability to match the level of cleanliness you require. 

Therefore, the things you will need to judge before purchasing a Car Vacuum Cleaner include;

  • There are corded and cordless Car Vacuum Cleaners; decide which one you prefer.
  • Compare the suction power of the selected Car Vacuum Cleaners, so pick the one with higher suction power for best results. 
  • Pick the Vacuum Cleaner that comes with suitable accessories and attachments to clean the Carpets, Car seats, and other places that are hard to reach. 
  • Do not forget to pick the Car Vacuum Cleaner that has a good length to cover the whole Car. 
  • Choose the Car Vacuum Cleaner that has a greater warranty. 
  • Cars attack both wet and dry dirt substances, so find a Car Vacuum Cleaner that will clean both wet and dry matters. 
  • Pick a Car Vacuum Cleaner that has at least 12 to 20V. 

Are Portable Vacuum Cleaners For Home Any Good?

Portable Vacuum Cleaners are cordless ones and can be easy to carry wherever you want. But the problem arises when you need to change the battery constantly.

I personally prefer the corded Vacuum Cleaners as they can be used with an instant plug-in facility. Moreover, the tension of changing the battery can be very disturbing. 

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