Is A Vacuum Cleaner Too Loud For A Baby?

The sound of a vacuum Cleaner can be louder than you think. However, for an adult, the sound does not affect that much. Can babies bear this sound? Or Is a vacuum cleaner too loud for a baby?

A vacuum cleaner is not loud for adults, but the sound level is unbearable when it comes to babies. On average, the suitable sound level for a baby is 50 to 60 decibels, but a vacuum cleaner produces around 65 to 75 decibels. So, you should avoid keeping your baby exposed to vacuum cleaner’s sounds for their mental and physical well-being. 

In this article, you will get researched-backed information regarding Vacuum Cleaner’s sounds and their effect on babies. I will share the reasons behind such noise made by a vacuum cleaner and will also provide various tips to minimize the loud noise of a vacuum cleaner.

So, without any further ado, let us start. Happy Reading. 

Can You Vacuum Around Babies?

You can’t vacuum around babies as vacuum cleaners are too loud for babies.

When it comes to vacuuming the home with a baby, let me tell you the wise decision would be to use the vacuum cleaner, not near a baby. Maybe keeping the baby in another room and closing the door so the sound does not enter the room would be a great option. 

Loud and harsh sounds are definitely harmful to people in general. Prolonged exposure to higher-level noise can damage your hearing functionality. Nonetheless, sometimes little sound can have a bad impact on babies when it comes to babies. It can make them scared and affect their ears. 

The sound of a vacuum cleaner might work the same. On average, the sound of a vacuum cleaner falls around 65 to 75 decibels which can surely damage infants’ ears as they can only bear sound up to 50 decibels

That is, the loud noise of a vacuum cleaner can become too loud for small kids and leave them with psychological and physical problems. Hospitals and NICUs suggest avoiding vacuuming near babies. 

In case you have babies at your home, it is recommended to purchase a vacuum cleaner that operates at a low sound level. And in case of emergency, try to reduce the usage time and keep the child in a separate room. 

Are Vacuums Too Loud For Toddlers?

On a regular basis, your home might go through a lot of sound coming from a neighborhood or regular pieces of machinery. Whereas a city street sound level can go up to 90 decibels, a vacuum cleaner can produce sound from 65 decibels to 75 decibels but still be harmful to toddlers.

Loud sounds can be unbearable to children. Dr. Ari Brown once said, the immature nervous system makes the children unable to handle certain sensory input. A child can get scared and start crying after hearing a loud noise.

However, babies can grow up real fast, and you need to make them habituated to the familiar sound of noisy pieces of machinery like a vacuum cleaner, blender, hairdryer, and many more. Proper steps should be taken to make the toddlers habituated to this level of sound. 

Therefore, toddlers are not scared of sound as much as newborn babies. So, you can definitely vacuum around toddlers, but the only condition is you need to make them habituated to the sound. They may be consoled if they get scared while vacuuming. 

You can let your partner sit with them while you vacuum. Do not let their fear get into them. Maybe you can hold them and play with them if they get scared. The sound will then get into their comfort zone and become bearable to them.

So, What Is Too Loud For A Baby?

The hearing continues to develop between birth and age 4 and requires much time to get habituated to it. The main issue here is that the small babies will not have the capability to tell you when they find the sound unbearable. 

It is why you need to be careful and make them habituated to the sound eventually. Nonetheless, babies should not be exposed to loud sounds. If you wonder, What is the suitable sound level for babies, let me tell you. 

The suitable and bearable sound level for babies is lower than 60 decibels which is much quieter than the sound of city street (90 decibels), workplace (70 to 85 decibels), vacuum cleaner (65 to 75 decibels), or jet takeoff (100 decibels) 

Even the toys they play with can produce loud sounds and affect the child. Take special care to look into this matter and take adequate time to make your child habituated to new sound levels. 

Why Is The Vacuum Cleaner Loud?

The sound level of a vacuum cleaner can go from 65 decibels to 75 decibels; as a result, it can get unbearable for babies. Many claims we should not vacuum the room while keeping a baby in that room. 

But what is the reason for such loud noise? Well, the loud noise of a vacuum cleaner is mainly because of the motor and fan. When you turn on the vacuum cleaner, the motor starts, and the fan constantly spins, making unbearable noise. 

However, there can be various other reasons which can initiate the loud sound in a vacuum cleaner. For example, the extensively dirty filters make the suction difficult and make a huge sound. 

Then again, when the tubes are clogged, sound can initiate from the vacuum cleaner. The fan in the vacuum cleaner’s motor can break and cause a loud sound. 

Well, the familiar sound of a vacuum cleaner is normal and does not indicate any danger notice. However, the other signs indicate that immediate actions are required. My suggestion would be in such scenarios, you will need to take proper steps so that the repairing does not get delayed.  

How Can I Make My Vacuum Cleaner Quieter?

A vacuum cleaner is undoubtedly a noisy machine. However, sometimes the sound of the vacuum cleaner can get unnaturally loud. In such a situation, take the necessary steps to minimize the sound. 

Things you need to do to make your vacuum cleaner quieter:

  1. Clean The Filters – Filters can get dirty after a few use times. The unusual sound emerging? The first thing you need to do is check the filters. Remove all the unnecessary dirt and particles from the filter and keep it properly cleaned to avoid the unwanted sound.
  2. Check The Clogged Tubes – Clogged tubes can make a lot of noise. Small objects might get sucked into the tubes and make the vacuum cleaner work inappropriately. 
  3. Oil The Vacuum Cleaner’s Motor – The vacuum cleaner’s motor need oiling, just like any other electronic machine. The motor might get dry and initiate an unbearable sound. In such a situation, all you need to do is, open the lid to take the motor out of the vacuum cleaner and apply oil to it. 
  4. Check For Any Broken Parts – Another common reason for the sound is broken parts; it may be an internal or external problem. First, check the exterior side and then look at the internal setting so that you can locate the broken part. Try to fix this problem as soon as possible and avoid using the vacuum cleaner before fixing the problem. 
  5. Buy The Latest Design – The latest models of vacuum cleaners come with various advanced facilities, which is why the regular sound of the vacuum cleaner gets minimized. On the other hand, the old and used ones inherently make noises. So, buying a new advanced vacuum cleaner might be helpful.

Can A Vacuum Cleaner Cause Hearing Problems?

Vacuum Cleaners can produce loud noise and might cause hearing problems in the long run. Remember, the longer you stay exposed to the noise and the louder the noise is, the problem will increase. 

Audiologist claims exposure to a vacuum cleaner for prolonged hours will cause hearing loss. In special cases, you might need to use hearing protection. 

However, the sound of a vacuum cleaner might leave an immediate impact on babies and make them suffer. You will need to be extremely careful while vacuuming a home with babies. Do not vacuum the same room where the baby is staying. 

Moreover, in case the vacuum cleaner is creating unusual noise, the adverse effect on health might amplify. Take immediate actions to minimize those. 

Related Questions:

Do Vacuums Scare Babies?

When the sound of a vacuum cleaner is at a louder scale, it might scare babies. Some babies might get scared by the regular sound of a vacuum cleaner, especially newborn babies. 

Try to keep the baby in a separate room while vacuuming so that the sound does not enter through their ears and leave them all scared. 

Can You Vacuum While The Baby Is Sleeping?

It will not be wise to vacuum the room while the baby is asleep. The sound might be the reason to wake them up from sleep, and this might make the babies get shocked and scared. 

You should definitely, keep the baby away while using the vacuum cleaner and make sure the sound does not enter the baby’s ear. 

Can I Vacuum Around My Newborn?

No, the vacuum cleaner should not be used around a newborn kid. The sudden exposure to sound might make them scared and cause hearing problems in the future. The newborn babies do not have matured nervous system; as a result, they might not be able to handle such sensory input. 

Can Vacuum Cleaners Cause Hearing Loss?

A vacuum cleaner might cause a hearing problem, especially when you are exposed to the sound on a regular basis. You might not feel the urge to take the necessary steps, but you might face unwanted problems in the future. 

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