Is Washing Machine Bad For Clothes?

Undoubtedly, the washing machine is a lifesaver. Nonetheless, many users have complained they witnessed clothes getting damaged after washing them in a washing machine. But why does this happens? Is a washing Machine bad for clothes?

A washing machine can be bad for certain types of clothes which are recommended not to wash in a washing machine. You will find certain cloths which are instructed only for a dry wash. Then again, improper washing can damage clothes like overloading clothes, obscene hot water or detergents, etc. 

A washing machine can make your clothes look as good as new at the same time, but it can damage your clothes instantly. There are a few secrets which you need to follow just to keep your clothes neat. 

In this article, I will be spilling all these secrets so that the washing machine takes proper care of your clothes without leaving a single sign of damage. I will also provide a list of things that you should not be washing in a washing machine. 

Lots of important things are waiting. So, without any further ado, keep on reading.

Can A Washing Machine Really Damage Clothes?

Many people have claimed that they have seen clothes getting damaged after washing them in a washing machine. However, in my research, most of the time, the reason behind the damage was improper washing.

Now, if you are wondering how washing can be improper, let me tell you that improper washing can mean making some mistakes while putting the clothes in the washing machine. 

For example, each washing machine has a definite load capacity, and you are not allowed to put more load on it. You are mistaken if you think putting too much load on the washing machine will save your time. 

Overloading the washing machine with clothes will not only damage the washing machine’s longevity but will also damage the clothes in it. There are so many other reasons which can damage the clothes after washing them in a washing machine. Let us discuss them in detail. 

Why Do Washing Machines Damage Clothes?

A washing machine can make your clothes better, but there are things that might cause damage to your clothes. Washing the dirty laundry in the washing machine is a pretty easy job until you make a mistake. 

Let me discuss the reasons behind a washing machine damaging your clothes so that you can avoid the mistakes and keep your clothes neat & safe. 

Washing Machine Damage Clothes For The Following 10 Reasons

1. The Water Temperature Is Imbalanced

Not all clothes are suitable for a hot water wash. Yes, hot water wash can sanitize the clothes, which is why it is recommended to wash baby clothes with hot water. 

But there are a few types of clothes which should not be washed using hot water as they might get hardened and result in shrinkage. Mostly wool and cotton clothes tend to get damaged using hot water. 

Additionally, colored clothes and other delicate fabrics should be washed using cold water. There, you need to know which type of fabric you are going to wash and set the temperature accordingly, or else you might end up damaging your clothes. 

2. Putting All Colored Clothes Together

Unless you are Phoebe, you might not like the pink-shaded clothes that Rachel mistakenly made by putting the red sock with all white clothes. Well, this is what happens when you put colored clothes with white clothes.

Other than that, you need to make sure which clothes might leak colors; always wash them separately. 

3. Leaving Clothes In The Washing Machine For More Than A Day

When you keep your dirty laundry stored in a washing machine or the washed clothes in the washing machine for more than a day, germs might grow on the fabric, which will eventually damage your clothes. 

It is recommended to store your clothes in a laundry basket before washing them. Additionally, it would be best if you did not store your clothes in the washing machine once the washing is complete. You need to take the cleaned clothes out as early as possible. 

4. Leaving Pen Or Other Materials In The Pockets

We tend to keep things in our pockets, and before putting the clothes in the washing machine, we forget to take that out. Many times, I have left tissue, money, or pen in my pocket before putting them in the washing machine and ended up damaging all the clothes. 

Therefore, checking the pockets and emptying them before washing them is recommended. Always keep the pockets empty. 

5. Using Too Much Detergent Or Fabric Softener

There is no doubt that detergent cleans the clothes. But did you know too many of them can damage the clothes? Yes, too much detergent can damage your clothes and make them look old and ripped. 

Too much detergent will make too much foam and resist the rubbing, which will make rising harder. This will leave a soapy residue on clothes. 

When it comes to fabric softener or conditioner, not all fabric needs it. For instance, you should avoid using fabric softener in athletic wear. Always separate the clothes when you need to use a fabric conditioner. 

6. Using The Wrong Detergent 

You will find detergents that are suitable for the specific type of fabric. Using the wrong one will damage your clothes. Always read the manufacturer’s instructions written in the packaging. Just to be on the safe side, use a detergent that is suitable for all kinds of fabrics. 

7. Overloading The Washing Machine

Overloading a washing machine with clothes is a common mistake made by users. Putting an extra burden on the washing machine will damage the washing machine’s materials like the motor or bearing. 

Moreover, overloading will make the clothes jam-packed which might tear or completely damage your clothes. Do not forget to inquire about the loading capacity of the washing machine and put clothes accordingly. 

8. Washing The Clothes Very Frequently

Washing clothes frequently will not keep your clothes uptight but rather will cause serious damage. Let me provide you with a list so that you can get an idea about how often you should wash your clothes;

Types of ClothingWash Frequency
Undergarments & SportswearAfter every wears
Tops, T-shirts, Socks & DressesAfter one or two wear
Pajamas, Skirts, Pants, & ShortsAfter three to five wears
Blazers, Jeans, & JacketsAfter six to seven wears
Coats & Heavy suitsEvery two to three months of wear

9. Leaving The Clothes With Stain With Other Clothes

Sometimes one small stain in of the clothes can damage all other clothes by spreading the stain. It would be best if you never put a cloth with a stain on the washing machine. 

You need to either wash the cloth separately, or you can just wash the portion with the stain and then put it with other clothes in the washing machine to wash. 

10. Keeping The Zipper Or Buttons Opened

Zippers or buttons can be harmful to your soft & delicate clothes. If the zipper’s teeth and slider are kept loose, they can snatch clothes and rip them. These can also cause damage to the drum and call for future damage. 

How To Stop Your Washing Machine From Ruining Clothes?

In order to keep your clothes safe from the washing machine, you need to follow some specific rules. These rules will keep your clothes uptight and will also minimize any kind of damage that can occur to your washing machine. 

  1. Empty your clothes’ pockets before putting them on the washing machine. 
  2. Keep the zipper and buttons closed. 
  3. Separate the clothes by color before washing. Most importantly, wash the white-colored clothes separately. 
  4. Do not overload the washing machine.
  5. Use a sufficient amount of detergent and fabric softener. 
  6. Read and follow the instructions written on the clothes’ label. 
  7. Use the water at the proper temperature. 
  8. Regularly check the washing machine for any kind of damage. 
  9. Separately wash the clothes with a stain first. 
  10. Wash the clothes only when required; avoid frequent washing. 

The Following 10 Things Not Be Washed In Washing Machine:

There are certain things you should avoid putting in a washing machine.

Let me mention all the ten things you should not put in your washing machine:

  1. Lacy Garment & Lace Underwear
  2. Suits
  3. Sequined & Embellished Garments
  4. Memory Foam Pillow
  5. Running Sneakers (N.B. Canvas Sneakers are good to go)
  6. Swimsuits
  7. Small Clothes like Baby socks
  8. Bras & Lingerie (N.B., you can, but after putting them in a Lingerie Bag)
  9. Neckties
  10. Mats with rubber backings

Related Questions:

Why Are My Front Load Washer Ripping Clothes?

Front-load washers tend to stick clothes, especially when your washer’s door seal is damaged. Clothes can get snagged between the door seal and the drum, and the clothes can get ripped when the washer is turned on. 

Is Washing Bad For Clothes?

Washing is not bad for clothes, except for those which need dry washing or should not be allowed to come in contact with water. You need to check the cloth’s label to find out the exact washing instructions. 

If you wash the clothes after proper inspection, then washing the clothes is not bad. You need to follow the specific rules strictly.

Is Washing Machine Good For Washing Clothes?

The washing machine is a lifesaver when it comes to washing clothes. However, you will need a good quality washing machine, so that it serves you well. You will also need to follow the instructions in the manual to avoid any kind of disaster. 

What Is The Minimum Clothes Requirement In A Washing Machine?

In a general view, it is considered that a standard front-loader washing machine can contain 16 to 18 pounds of clothing. On the other hand, a standard top-loading washing machine should wash 12 pounds of clothing at a time. 

However, checking the manual for the actual capacity is always recommended as each washing machine can have a different load capacity.

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