What Happens When You Vacuum A Bug?

Well, a bug is something most people dislike and want to get rid of, especially when seen at home. To be honest, I keep myself and my home free from bugs. Many people might suggest you vacuum them.

So, What Happens When You Vacuum A Bug? There can be three consequences when you vacuum a bug. Firstly, it might get injured, like breaking a leg or wings. They can also get out of the vacuum once you clean the vacuum bag. If these do not happen, then the bug might suffocate to death.  

In this article, I will explain the advantages and drawbacks of vacuuming a bug. I will also explain various ways to get rid of bugs using a vacuum.

If you want to know the tricks that will keep the bugs from escaping from the vacuum or plan to pest control your place, you are in the right place.

So, without any further ado, let us get started. Happy reading!

Can Bugs Survive Being Vacuumed?

Some people want to get rid of the bugs for good, whereas some simply want to get rid of them without killing them. It is pretty common to see people using a vacuum cleaner to get rid of the bugs present in their homes.

Many cautious people do not want to kill innocent bugs. If you are one of them, let me tell you there are chances that the bug might suffocate and die inside the vacuum bag. It highly depends on the type of vacuum clear and, to some extent, on the type of bug. 

Most bugs have a fragile body, and the exoskeleton will be missing. These types of bugs are most likely to die when they are sucked through the suction. Even if they survive the suction, they will suffocate and die in the vacuum cleaner.

On the other hand, some bugs can easily crawl out of the vacuum cleaner because they are much stronger. A vacuum cleaner can be effective while making your home a safe and clean home without leaving any kind of trace of incest or bugs. 

Then again, most vacuum cleaners come with flaps that help keep the dust and dirt from the vacuum cleaner while the vacuum cleaner is ideal. If the vacuum cleaner does not have any flaps, then it provides a golden opportunity for the bugs to escape.

The flaps can also be the reason for the bugs to get injured, like losing wings or legs. This mostly happens with the weak incest, and they get stuck inside. Eventually, they might feel suffocated and die inside the vacuum cleaner. 

In short, there is no surety that the bug will die or stay alive inside the vacuum cleaner. If you want to get rid of them, you need to carry them inside the bag and spray some bug spray to get rid of them. 

If you want to buy the best one on the market, I would suggest you buy the Black Flag’s insect killer spray.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Vacuuming A Bug?

A vacuum cleaner can be very helpful when it comes to sucking up the bugs that regularly roam around the home. But they can also be disadvantageous. 

Let me list down all the advantages and disadvantages of killing bugs using the vacuum cleaner;

Advantages of using vacuum Cleaner for pest controlDisadvantages of using vacuum Cleaner for pest control
Quickly get rid of a cluster of bugsIf you do not want to kill insects, then you might not love the whole vacuuming idea. 
You can get rid of both alive and dead bugs.The incest might get killed while passing through the suction.  
The vacuum cleaner can clean all the congested areas using the brush attachment.  They might also suffocate and die while staying in the vacuum bag
It can also stop future insect invasions. The filters or flaps are prone to kill insects. 

Therefore, now it is complete, your choice is whether to use the vacuum cleaner to get rid of the bugs or not.   

What Is The Best Way To Vacuum A Bug?

Before using the vacuum to suck up all the bugs, you need to have the right kind of vacuum. The vacuum cleaner must be suitable for both residential and commercial purposes. 

Vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters perfectly capture small insects and make them disappear in no time.

If you have already had a vacuum cleaner that has flaps or filters, then you can also use that one as well. 

You will get better results if you suck all the matter inside of the vacuum bag rather than taking it inside the canister. 

It will help if you use the roller brush while sucking up the bugs. You can also use the brush attachment, but this might injure the bug, which might kill them right away. 

You cannot just be liberal; you need to get rid of the webs or the insects’ eggs or smaller ones. Therefore, make the proper use of the vacuum cleaner and get rid of any unwanted things.  

You can spray some bugs before using the vacuum cleaner as it will make the bugs weak and easy to capture. 

If you are scared that the bug will fly out of the vacuum cleaner, then you can suck up a very minimum amount of talcum powder before and after vacuuming the bug. It will suffocate the bug and kill them. 

Then, without wasting any time, dispose of the vacuum bag as early as possible so that the bug stays inside the bag.

Trust me; you will not want to open the bag and let the bug towards you. For better protection, you can also put it inside a plastic garbage bag and seal it tightly. 

Which Bugs can be Killed Using A Vacuum Cleaner?

A Vacuum Cleaner Will kill or injure the following Bugs:

  • Spider
  • Flies
  • Cockroaches
  • Fleas
  • Stink Bugs

I must warn you that you can get rid of the above kind of bugs using a vacuum cleaner but vacuuming stink bugs is not a good idea. It will make your vacuum cleaner stinky and smell really bad.

You can no get rid of or kill the following kinds of bugs using a vacuum cleaner:

  • Ants
  • Bed Bugs
  • Silverfish

Related Questions

What Happens If You Vacuum A Spider?

Once the spider goes inside the vacuum, the chances are high that the spider will die; especially when it is the small one. It will either die immediately or after a certain period of time, it will die out of trauma. 

What Happens If You Vacuum A Cockroach?

To be honest, cockroaches can die once they get inside the vacuum. However, there are chances that the cockroaches might also survive as they can hold their breath for more than 40 minutes.

You might also find them crawling or flying out of the vacuum cleaner as they will constantly try to escape from the vacuum bag or the container. 

Final Thoughts:

There you have it! Vacuum cleaners can easily kill bugs that you are afraid of. However, if you are concerned about bugs and just want to get rid of them without hurting them, you can use a vacuum cleaner without flaps. 

Sifatul Shohan

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