Why Do Suits Need To Be Dry Cleaned? (Explained With Reasons)

Suits are magical attire both for men and women. Why? Because it never fails to attract the opposite gender. The aura of a suit is something more than just an outfit. Suits can be a good yet expensive investment, but the problem arises when it comes to keeping them cleaned as a universal law, people tend to give suits for Dry Cleaning.

But Why Do Suits Need To Be Dry Cleaned? Suits are mainly made of wool or linen, and these fabrics tend to get damaged with water and heat. In order to protect the fabric from any kind of damage due to water and heat, the suits should be dry cleaned. Moreover, Dry Cleaning helps suits to last longer.

Suits require special care; even when it gets stained or ink, you need to be extra careful removing the dirt. Nonetheless, you have got nothing to worry about. Here, in this article, I will explain various ways to keep your suits wrinkle-free, clean, and look like new conditions. 

Keep reading to know more about precautionary steps to keep your suits uptight. 

Why Should I Dry Clean My Suit? – Reasons

Some clothes are meant to be dry cleaned, as the water might damage the fabric. The Suit is no different. Suits are mainly made of wool or linen. Here, wool is self-cleaning, and linen is light and has heat regulation quality. 

Fabrics like Wool and Linen do not require to be washed more often. The unwanted smell of sweat can be aired out just by hanging them outside under the sun in the fresh air. In case your suits get dirt like ink, stain, or other pigmented dirt, you always dry clean them and also use some home remedies. 

Dry Cleaning also helps to keep the suits uptight while increasing the life of the fabric. Dry Cleaning avoids any kind of abrasive act you can possibly put on any other clothing. However, it would help if you were considerate when it comes to dry cleaning the Suit.

Well, let me be clear, unlike regular clothing, you cannot clean the suits regularly. Yes, Dry Cleaning protects the suits from aggressive actions of washing machines, water, and unnecessary heat. But frequent Dry Cleaning will hamper the fabric. 

When Should You Dry Clean The Suit?

Dry cleaning is mandatory for suits, but frequent cleaning can cause harm to the fabric and make it all rough. But when it comes to the question, How Often You Should Clean The Suit, Well, there is no perfect answer for it. 

There are three specific situations when you should not delay in Dry Cleaning the Suit;

1. Spilled Food Or Drinks Stain

Even after being extremely careful, we tend to accidentally spill food or beverage in our dress and ruin it. Suits can go through the same situation. Well, in that case, people might suggest you to use some home remedies, which might include water. Well, according to experts, you must always avoid that. 

Directly go for Dry Cleaning without any further ado to take that stain out of your Suit. 

2. After Great Exposure To Pollution

Mostly in busy cities, suits can go through a lot due to the level of pollution. But then again, when you come back from a business trip or a day-long event, you need to make sure the Suit is put back in the closet after being properly cleaned as such contamination can reduce the life of the fabric. 

That is when suits are exposed to pollutants; before putting them back in the closet, make sure to Dry Clean them first. 

3. When The Suit Is Stored In The Wardrobe For A Long Time

Yes, you read it right. You might think when you put the dresses in the wardrobe and they tend to stay clean no matter what. But this is not true. It would be best if you cleaned it after some time. Insects can attack your clothes and leave a hole or even simply damage the fabric.    

Make sure to look for the suits that you do not wear more often and either let them get exposed under the sun or dry clean them. 

4. When You Regularly Wear The Same Suit

It is wise to clean the suits you regularly wear every two months. However, you can also send them to Dry cleaners every three weeks. It will help the suits to be in good condition. 

What To Avoid When It Comes To Dry Cleaning The Suit?

Dry Cleaning your suits can be helpful unless you avoid a few mistakes. Well, these mistakes will not only help your Dry Cleaning Process but also help to keep your suits just like the new ones. 

  1. Do not wash the suit pieces separately. Dry Cleaning can make a slight color change in the fabric, and your suit or pants might not look the same. So, always make sure to clean all the pieces of the suit together. 
  2. If you know little about dry cleaning, do not forget to seek professional help.
  3. Avoid frequent cleaning of the suit. Remember you do not have to dry clean the suit every time you wear it. 
  4. Do not forget to empty your pockets before Dry Cleaning your suits. 
  5. In case your suit gets any stubborn stain, do not use home remedies; rather, leave it to the professionals. 
  6. After Dry Cleaning, put your clothes in a plastic bag to protect them from insects and other dirt. 

Why Are Some Suits Dry Clean Only?

Every clothes you buy comes with a label attached to it where the washing instructions are written. If you carefully look into the suit’s labels, you will find it is always instructed for Dry Cleaning.

Moreover, the fabric used to make suits is wool or linen, which do not require frequent washing. Additionally, you should not let water touch your suits for the fabric’s extended longevity. The water or heat of the washing machine might damage the suit and make it all rough.

How Much Does Suit Dry Cleaning Cost?

To be honest, Dry Cleaning suits can be slightly expensive compared to other clothing pieces. As mentioned earlier, suits require extreme care, and the process of cleaning should be done cautiously. 

However, let me provide you an overview of the average pricing for Dry Cleaning a Suit and its pieces;

Dry Cleaning ItemsPrice Range
Three-piece suit$15 – $20
Two-piece Suit$10 – $15
Pants only$5 – $8
Shirt only$5 – $6
Vest only$4 – $8
Coat $13 – $26

The price range can differ in different demographic locations. In addition to that, the size of the garment and the materials might cause a slight change in the price.

Related Questions

How Many Times Can I Wear A Suit Before Dry Cleaning?

Depending on the wearing time and the weather, the frequency of wearing a suit might vary. If you wear a suit roughly for five hours on a hot day and travel or go through a lot of sweating, then you might have to send it for dry cleaning as soon as possible.

But then again, if you wear the suit all day but travel in personal transport in mild weather or stay the whole day in a cool environment, then you can wear that for 5 to 6 days before sending it for Dry Wash. 

That is, the condition of the suit after wearing it will tell you a lot about the frequency of wearing that same suit before the next Dry Cleaning session. 

Can You Wash A Suit That Says Dry Clean Only?

No, it is not recommended to disobey the instructions of the suit. The label of the suit mostly indicates Dry Cleaning only. As dry cleaning does not involve water and the use of heat, experts only recommend dry cleaning for suits.

What Happens If A Suit Gets Wet?

When the suit gets wet, the water will stay absorbed in the fabric, which will damage the quality of the fabric. It will damage the color of the suit, and once the suit dries out, it will feel rough. 

Can I Wash My Suit In The Washing Machine?

You can put your suit in the washing machine but let me warn you that it will not only damage the fabric but also make the suit discolor. In addition to that, your suit will lose its longevity. 

It is why the suit needs to be only Dry Cleaned without the presence of water or heat. 

Final Thoughts:

Suits are sensible pieces of clothing. The fabrics used to make suits include wool and linen. However, when it comes to cleaning a suit, no matter what happens, you cannot use water. Moreover, the heat of the water will also damage the fabric. 

Not only will the fabric lose its color, but it will also make the fabric harder. It is why experts recommended dry cleaning the suit. 

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