Why Has My Vacuum Cleaner Stopped Working? (Explained)

Vacuum Cleaners are lifesavers when it comes to cleaning. Sucking all the dirt within a few moments. It is a regular thing in our household. But the real problem arises when the most wanted vacuum cleaner does not work properly. 

A vacuum cleaner might stop working for the following reasons:

  1. The Vacuum Cleaner Is Broken
  2. Vacuum Cleaner Overheating Problem
  3. Lack Of Power Supply
  4. The Bin Bag Is Filled
  5. Broken Cord
  6. Brush Roller Filled with Hair or Fur
  7. Disturbed Motor
  8. The On/Off Switch Not Working

In this article, you will get to know about various reasons that might influence your vacuum cleaner to stop working. 

I will not only mention all the problems that might be the reasons for the vacuum cleaner not working but also mention all the possible solutions that might help you make it all better.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started. 

What Can Cause My Vacuum Cleaner To Stop Working?

Some vacuum cleaner might stop working after it has completed their lifetime. However, sometimes the one that was recently brought or used for only a few years might stop working. 

In such cases, there are possibilities that some simple solutions might help you solve these uninvited problems. First, let us list down all the problems that might make the vacuum cleaner stop working.

The reasons are explained below:

1. Your Vacuum Is Broken

Sometimes a long-used vacuum cleaner might stop working because of being broken. It is common with the old ones, but if it occurs with the new ones, you might question the vacuum cleaner’s quality. 

So, How do you tell if your vacuum is broken? Sometimes the broken vacuum cleaner might have a leak which mostly is found in a hose or the connection of the different components. 

Again, the vacuum pump might not work properly. There are times you might hear a Hiss sound; well, then you need to locate it to find the actual problem. 

To sum up, let me provide you with a list of signs that will make sure your Vacuum Cleaner is broken.

Signs that will make sure your Vacuum Cleaner is broken:

  1. Loss of Suction Power
  2. Getting a burning smell from the vacuum cleaner while working.
  3. Unwanted noises coming from the vacuum cleaner.
  4. Sign of damaged Cords

Solutions Required For Broken Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum cleaners are one of the integral parts of our life; as a result, we tend to overuse the vacuum cleaner, which might be one of the main causes of the damage. 

I would recommend you to check yourself regularly so that if there are any signs of the vacuum cleaner being broken, then you can take action as soon as possible.

If you find the vacuum cleaner is broken, then you should turn off the vacuum cleaner as early as possible and contact for it fix the problem with the professionals. It is because if you are new to these electronic things, you might get into trouble and invite unwanted accidents. 

2. Vacuum Cleaner Overheating Problem

When the Vacuum cleaner is overheated, it might stop working. It can occur primarily due to two reasons. Firstly, if you have been using the vacuum cleaner for a long time without any break. 

Secondly, when your power supply is disturbing or the voltage goes up and down, you might see the machine getting hotter.

Let me warn you that, you cannot keep the electrical connection on even when the vacuum cleaner gets hot. You need to turn off the switch as soon as you feel the vacuum cleaner is getting warmer unless you might experience a huge accident. 

Why Do Vacuums Overheat?

The motor of the vacuum cleaner may be overheated because of the presence of some moving parts, which might cause friction and spread the warm air. The smoke coming out of the vacuum cleaner is not a good sign; actions must be taken immediately. 

A blockage might also cause overheating. You need to understand in order to work properly, and the vacuum cleaner needs to have some space to store the dirt and dust. 

As stated earlier, continuous use of the vacuum cleaner for hours can be one of the main reasons for the overheating and might initiate a burning smell. 

How to Solve Vacuum Cleaner Overheating Issue?

In order to solve the overheating problem of the vacuum cleaner, you need to be extremely cautious and take some precautionary steps to avoid the problem.

The precautionary steps include:

  1. Do not use the vacuum cleaner continuously for hours. Take an adequate amount of time to give the vacuum cleaner some rest. 
  2. After a certain period depending on the dust suction level, clean the filters and the bin bag. 
  3. Inspect the traps, ducts, pipes, and all the other places where the dust can gather so that you can clean them up after a certain time of vacuuming. 
  4. Check the thermal cut-out system regularly. 

In order to solve the overheating problem, you need first to find out the reasons behind the overheating and take the exact required step to minimize the problem.

You can take the mentioned precautionary steps to avoid the problems. 

If these precautionary steps do not help, then you need to consult with professionals as there might be some hidden problems inside the vacuum cleaner. 

3. Lack Of Power Supply

Well, this is one of the common problems for the vacuum cleaner to stop working. You need to roam all over the place with the vacuum cleaner in order to get the place cleaned, which also means the long cord and the socket might sometime get unplugged.

Solution To The Lack Of Power Supply

The lack of power supply might break the power supply and stop the vacuum cleaner. That is, if your vacuum cleaner needs to be plugged in, then you need to check the connection in case of the vacuum cleaner stops while working. 

You can take the socket out and put it in again inside properly. You might also need to check if there is any circuit break or fuse. Yes, these can occur because vacuum cleaner carries a huge electrical load. 

4. The Bin Bag Is Filled

The place where the dust and dirt are stored inside a vacuum cleaner is called a bin bag. Sometimes people also refer to it as ‘bin’ or ‘bag’. No matter what you refer to it, it is the place where all the dust is gathered after the suction. 

It has often occurred that the vacuum cleaner stops working, and when you look for the reason, it is nothing but the filled bin bag that has stopped the vacuum cleaner.

Solutions To The Filled Bin Bag Problem

Well, the solution is very simple. You just need to adopt a habit of cleaning the bin bag every now and then. Empty the bin bag by pouring all the dust into the trash. It will clear up the space so that more dust can be sucked.  

5. Broken Cord

Another issue that might make the vacuum cleaner stops working is the broken cord which prevents the regular flow of the power and stops the following in between.

It is natural if the cords are broken, an adequate amount of power will not be supplied; hence your vacuum cleaner will not work. 

Solution To The Broken Cord

It would be best if you inspected the cords of your vacuum cleaner properly so that you can locate any crack in the cord.

To avoid any accidents, I suggest you stop using the vacuum cleaner as soon as possible. Then use a multimeter to follow the electrical path to identify the broken links.

If the damage is small, then you can repair it at home. But since these are sensitive matters, you should seek professional help.  

6. Brush Roller Filled With Hair Or Fur

While using the vacuum cleaner, the brush roller will surely attract dirt, and where there remains fur or hair, it starts to get all tangled with the brush. It can create disturbance in the process of cleaning and stop the vacuum cleaner. 

Solution To The Filled Bush Roller

The one simple solution to the problem is to clean the brush roller using your hand or other brush. If the hair or fur gets stuck, you should pull them out. But if they stay tangled in a way it becomes difficult to get rid of, then you can use scissors to cut them off.

So, How often you should clean the brush roller? Well, it completely depends on the level of dust you are cleaning. If there remains an extreme dirt level, you might need to open the brush and clean the brush very often.

7. Disturbed Motor 

Sometimes the Motor of the vacuum cleaner might cause disfunction. Maybe because it has become old or there are some internal problems with the motor. The initial thing that might indicate the broken motor of the vacuum cleaner is the faulty engine. 

It can also occur from blocked filters, structured brush rolls, or overfilled vacuum bags. You need to locate the real problem before thinking of replacing the motor. Many people might advise you to change the motor immediately, but there is no point in getting a new one if the problem can be solved. 

How Do You Test a Vacuum Cleaner Motor?

First, test the power switch to check if the motor gets power. Check if the brush and the fan of the motor are working properly. Check if there is anything stuck in the brush and the fan. 

Then check if you get any burning smell or not. If you see everything is up to the mark, then your motor is fine, and there might be some other problem with the vacuum cleaner. 

Signs Of Broken Motor Of A Vacuum Cleaner

The three most common signs of dysfunction in vacuum cleaners include:

  1. A burning smell coming out of it
  2. The switch is turned on, but the motor does not work.
  3. Hearing sound when the vacuum cleaner is turned on.

Solution To The Dysfunction Motor Of The Vacuum Cleaner

If your vacuum cleaner’s motor is not working properly, you might need to replace it. However, some problems might be small and could be recovered easily. You just need to locate the problem and apply a solid solution. 

If the power supply is low, then adequate power should be provided. Sometimes professional help might help you fix the motor. If you insist on fixing the motor all by yourself, you need to take some safety measures like wearing gloves, goggles and other precautions should be taken.  

8. The On/Off Switch Not Working

After a long-time using period, you might find the vacuum cleaner’s ON/OFF switch not working properly. If your Vacuum Cleaner ON/OFF switch stops working as it should be, you might find the vacuum cleaner stops working amidst working. 

It might have turned off the switch involuntarily and made the machine stop working, and you might need to check the machine. 

Solution To The Broken ON/OFF Switch

When you find the ON/OFF switch has been broken, you need to replace it immediately. Well, in this case, you can seek professional help, or you can do it by yourself.

Many Vacuum cleaners manufacturing companies sell extra components so that you can replace them when needed.

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How Do You Fix A Vacuum That Won’t Turn On?

You need to figure out the reasons behind the problem so that you can take the proper measures to turn on the vacuum cleaner. So, first, let me tell you the reasons behind which might stop the vacuum cleaner from starting. 

A broken cord, misfunctioned motor, or improper power supply might be three primary reasons behind the problem. So in order to make the vacuum cleaner work properly, you need to check the power supply and make sure power is adequately supplied.

Then again, check the cords and the motor, and if you find any problems, take action immediately. 

How Do I Get My Vacuum To Work Again?

In order to make the vacuum cleaner work again, you need to look for the problem which might be the reason for stopping it work properly. That is, depending on the problem, you might need to take different steps to make your vacuum cleaner work properly.

You need to make sure the socket is properly plugged in and there is a sufficient power supply. You need to clean the bin bag after a certain period of time so that there remains space for sucking extra dirt. 

You need to make sure the vacuum cleaner’s motor is working perfectly. Clean the fan, brushes, and filter regularly so that there remain no problems in the suction process. 

How Do You Reset A Vacuum?

The resetting process of the vacuum cleaner might differ for each model. Then again, each manufacturing company has a somewhat different function for the resetting process. 

Most vacuum cleaners should be reset by using the reset button. You just need to hold the reset button for 10 to 15 seconds, and when the LED goes dark, wait for a few more seconds to let the LED turn red and green.

Some vacuum cleaners might not come with a reset function. Well, in that case, disassembling the vacuum cleaner might be the only option for it.

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